Explained: What is Android P?

By NT Bureau Published on Mar 09, 2018 04:03 PM IST

Oreo, Google's recent mobile OS, is yet to reach many users although techies have started speaking about the launch of the firm's next operating system, Android P.

It is remembered that Oreo, the current version's preview was launched in March last year. So, many are gearing up to know what P is going to be and what it offers.

Android Oreo, introduced a few new features like notification dots, Picture-in-Picture, and autofill among others. This also improved performance and battery life as well.


Google is expected to officially announce the Android P at its developers conference that is scheduled to begin 8 May. And, that is when we know what P officially stands for. As of now, a few P-named desserts and the Pie is at top of the list that is being speculated.


Very little is known at the moment about what Android P is going to bring. As per reports, the new OS will prevent idle apps from accessing your camera or mic. It will also add support for call recording tone so users can lawfully record phone calls as well as an enhanced call blocking feature, reports say. There are also reports that the upcoming major OS will bring native iris scanning support as well, but nothing can be said for sure as of now.


The most interesting of all the reports is that Google is planning to support the next iPhone with Android P. As per a Bloomberg report last month, a key goal of Android P will be to persuade more iPhone-users to make the switch to Android.