E-major looking to patent wireless data charging

Have your thought about wireless charging? Today, advent of wireless transmission and Near Field Communication (NFC) has made communication seamless and fast.

We are at a stage where we use our friend’s Internet connection in our phone through hotspot and Bluetooth. Unlike data transmission, Sony - electronic giant - is on a mission to discover wireless charging system in portable devices. Its vision is on power transmission through air.

According to recent news, Sony has registered for seeking patent for its working model. This aims at wireless charging through NFC in smart devices. Through this innovative technology, it is observed that usage and adoption of power banks may reduce. NFC is quite similar to wireless hotspot mechanism, but here it transfers data between two devices which are close to each other.

'Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communication’ patent says that, "Any portable electronic device handled by consumers with the presence of NFC chips in both the devices has the ability to transfer as much data as we do through a hotspot connection."

And the patent doesn’t explain about its availability in device category. So, there is a debate whether it is a smart phone or any other device.


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