Does Anonymous exist in India?

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Nov 28, 2017 02:42 PM IST

Percentage of users on whose computers Kaspersky lab's heuristic anti-phishing system was triggered as a proportion of the total number of Kaspersky lab users in that country, Q1-Q3, 2017.

Anonymous, a hacktivist group in the world, seems to have its branches in all countries. Several reports state that this group has a strong presence in India. Although this is not officially proved, these reports released by security agencies and journals say that these 'Mask Men' are present in large numbers.

As per a directory in search engines, the term, 'Anonymous' was coined in 2003. These mask men, have conducted numerous DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks on various sites, in the past.

Recently, Security Week published a report on bug bounty rewarders for Hack the Pentagon programme, conducted by the Department of Defense, USA.

In that report, around 650 white hat hackers from 50 nations, including India, were rewarded for solving vulnerabilities. A majority of these reports were submitted from the US, India, the UK, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Russia, France, Australia and Canada.

India was the second country in this list. The reports had vulnerable flaws about Pentagon.

Kaspersky's report on Black Friday points out the statistics of countries inhaling phishing attacks.

According to it, China tops in receiving phishing attacks, whereas, India was found to be less vulnerable.

"China, Australia, Brazil were particularly vulnerable with up to a quarter or more (28 per cent) of users targeted. Followed by North America, large parts of western Europe, the Russian federation, Latin America, India and elsewhere - where up to one in six (17 per cent) were affected."

With reference to the security agency's index data, India tops with the people who were not concerned about protecting their systems.

Related to the past years' data, India has been ranked sixth in receiving smartphone-based malware attacks. China has been secure through the Golden Shield project to protect the systems from cyber honhoc and unethical usage.

The reports added that in China people use less Internet connections to access sites outside the country. But it also ranks first in facing threats.

In India, without such projects to protect from cyber espionage, we are safe.

Does Anonymous exist in India?

In 2013, ISIS hacked several country's websites. One cannot forget the issue where a few hackers from Pakistan replaced government websites with porn images. In a revenge bid, hackers from India did the same to Pakistani sites.

Meanwhile, Anonymous left a warning message to ISIS to stop hacking.

The ultras reduced their attacks and this made cyber professionals in India think about the presence of white hat hackers in the country.

On other hand, reports on anon news, which illustrated the safest nations list is also an evidence to mark their presence in India.