Chennai boy creates more than 40 apps

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Mar 03, 2018 04:59 PM IST

Chennai: In recent years, after the entry of smart phones into the Indian market, the count of app developers and apps have peaked.

Unlike other platforms, Android is open source and has more scope for budding developers. Talk Team caught up with Bhuvanesh, an app developer in Velacheri. He has come up with nearly 40 apps including those for banking, retail and music.

‘After pursuing a diploma and B Tech (ECE) in Thanjavur, I learnt C and C++ from an institute in my native place. Inspired by my brother, I mastered Java and app development on my own through online books and forums,’ he said.

‘Then, I started my career as an app developer in a start-up at Thanjavur and worked for nearly two years. Then I joined a consultancy in Velacheri. Today, I work in a private firm in Alandur,’ he said.

What are the difficulties?

Conflicts arise when the client demands native features in the app. Then I have to add extra supporting libraries that sometimes becomes difficult. Other than retail and marketing app, developing a chat application takes time and it is difficult, adds Bhuvanesh.

Is the field open to all?

The market is open to all. If anyone wants to become an Android developer, a glance at online books and nuances in using programmes like Android Studio are enough. A self-learner can easily become a developer with respect to his/her interest towards it,’ he said.

There is a need for Android developers now. There are hybrid and native apps. If there is an integration between them in future, it would challenge the survival of developers,’ he concluded.


Some of the popular apps of Bhuvanesh are:

OM Sakthi - Irumudi (spiritual),

Niyaaz Restaurant (food)

Digital Wallet (banking)

Purz (money)