Camera app Halide is smartphone’s DSLR

By Sricharan R Published on May 31, 2017 03:55 PM IST

Halide is a new camera app for iOS and is created by ex-Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastian de With.

While Apple's camera app works great for quick shots, Halide focuses on taking the best photos possible with your iPhone. The app offers quick access to camera controls with a swipe or tap from the viewfinder and focus on easy access to take a picture.

This allows users to manually adjust settings for each shot without going to controls and menu. The app offers similar DSLR features like ISO, shutter speed and white balance adjustments, RAW JPG capture, a 3x3 grid.

Halide focuses solely on shooting photography and it offers no video modes or filters. The app also toggles between 1x and 2x optical zoom on iPhone 7 Plus. For casual photographers, Halide will be a beautiful camera app with automatic shooting and easy access to more advanced controls.

Professional photographers will appreciate the app's focus on natural adjustments when shooting manually without dealing with overly complex menus. You can only buy Halide for iPhone from the App Store and it is not being offered for free. It is a very useful app for one who needs a DSLR but cannot afford to buy one.