Bixby to take on Siri, Cortana

By Sricharan R Published on Mar 21, 2017 03:10 PM IST

Samsung has announced their new voice-powered digital assistant named Bixby. It will make its debut with the launch of Galaxy S8. The voice assistant will enter a crowded field of digital assistants, which is actually artificial intelligence that includes Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon's Alexa.

Samsung said Bixby will focus on letting people control mobile apps with spoken directives. Galaxy S8 smartphone is expected to be unveiled soon and there will be an official launch of Bixby soon. There will also be set of pre-installed applications that will work with it, according to Samsung.

Just like Siri, Bixby is to work with in-built apps. We have to wait and see whether it works with third-party apps like Ola, Facebook just like Siri. The company's approach to an AI assistant or agent, as they call it, is a bit different.

Instead of being a database that you fire questions at or tell to do specific things, Bixby is meant to be a helper on your device. Samsung last year bought Viv, an artificial intelligence start-up with co-founders who were part of the team that built virtual assistant Siri, which Apple bought some seven years ago.

Samsung says that Bixby will differ from digital aides already in the market in ways that include controlling nearly all tasks in applications instead of limited sets, and being flexible when it comes to understanding what users are saying.

Samsung knows it cannot compete with other AI that are in the market now. So it is using Bixby to solve a simpler task that those companies have largely ignored. Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft are all trying to develop the most sophisticated connected assistant working to give software the ability to understand what people say and even anticipate desires or needs. Adding more to the next stage, the Amazon virtual assistant Alexa was a star at the Consumer Electronics Show gadget early this year.

And adding more, Bixby is to be common among the whole range of the company products, from appliances to TV remotes to wearables.