Beware of free WiFi and its hackers

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Feb 28, 2017 02:43 PM IST

Today, smart phones have emerged as a major way of communication. Unlike other IoT devices, it has become one of the commonly used to transfer files, money and also to store other credentials.

Before entering into the debate, today everything we use is turning online and we are adopting it.

But there is a question, why and what made us go online?

The most probable answer from many users would be: "It’s easy and portable."

Reducing complications may lead to security mishap. Technology has been adopted to ease complicated things and make them user- friendly. However, this has left the door open for security violators. Especially, when you are using unknown user’s WiFi, the chance of getting hacked is high.

So, beware of your credentials when you are using public WiFi. It is found that a smartphone can be hacked when the user is walking or jogging around the streets of Chennai.

Jason Street, a renowned hacker, demonstrated this in a public place and accessed credentials of those who used his WiFi network. He initialised a legitimate WiFi network encoded with Evil Twin attack and allowed the public to access his network.

And, eventually, he gained access to the credentials of those who accessed his connection. Once connected, the attacker will get access - much similar to administrator - and be able to see transaction details, passwords and other data.

To stay away from these attacks, Pwnie research centre has suggested some points like turning off WiFi when you not using it. Changing passwords regularly and trying to learn about the product which you plan to buy. Apart from this, upgrading the firmware with regular updates reduces your device from becoming vulnerable.