Artificial intelligence to the core

By S Ben Raja Published on Jul 22, 2017 03:06 PM IST

Chennai: Gone are the days when HRs played an important role in the recruitment and management of employees in firms. India has, indeed, reached the state where artificial intelligence will take over their reins. Yes, an Indian startup company has developed a powerful software completely in-house which can filter candidates based on the performance of their interview. News Today met Ketan Dewan, the co-founder and CEO of Talocity InstaSolutions Pvt LtdĀ to find out more about this.

Q: Your company is frequently using the term, 'talent stock exchange.' Please elaborate?

A: Normally, a HR interviews candidates and hires them according to their performance. But we offer the option of 'view and hire.' Yes, firms no longer need to interview candidates but can directly filter them out from our database based on their requirements. Just because people just view and buy stocks in a stock exchange, we had adopted the name, 'talent stock exchange.'

Q: Tell us more about your software...

A: Our software is basically an artificial intelligence engine. All it needs is a two minute video of the candidate. From the tone, competency, eye ball movement and choice of words of the video, the software filters out 48 different parameters which are directly related to the real life skills of the candidate. Firms can filter candidates based the parameters they want. These 48 parameters are the basis of any life skill possessed by humans. In addition to this, Talocity also distinguishes language, country and many other factors. Recruiters can also teach the software the way it needs to perform the interview. They can add extra questions if needed. If the software makes a mistake, they can also purge it. After all, I would call my software a baby. Whatever you teach, it will grasp.

Q: How does this differ from a normal job consultancy run by humans?

A: It is very simple. Talocity, as a software will never make mistakes. It will never show partiality. Above all it saves a lot of time. All what candidates need to do it enter the unique code provided by the recruiter to start the interview process. Within two minutes, the process gets over and within the end of the day, they can know whether they are selected or not. This completely eliminates the burden of informing or keeping in touch with the candidates. Finally, our software can also be used to assess a firm's existing employees whether there are fit or no longer fit for the job including CXO levels of designations which is the most difficult area to access.

Q: What if candidates are camera shy though they are highly skilled? Also, will they be given a second chance?

A: Candidates have the option of completely muting the video while recording if they feel shy. While they may be weak in some areas, their core competency remains unchanged irrespective of their weaknesses and that is what the software detects and filters out. Candidates would not be given a second chance. Its their duty to prepare well before applying.

Q: Will this AI replace HRs?

A: Not obviously. Talocity will actually give them more breathing space. While HRs spend a lot of time recruiting, they fail on crucial aspects like salary negotiation, and the human feeling which employees long for. With Talocity taking care of recruitment, HRs can now do the other areas of their work more effectively.

Q: The challenges so far...

A: Our greatest challenge is the lack of change in focus of the companies. While bot based recruitment is going to be the future, the early birds will benefit tremendously out of it while late entrants will trail behind. We are eying micro finance, retail, and IT sector for promoting our product.

Q: Your future plans...

A: Future plans are many. In the next 15-18 months, we are planning introduce facial and gesture detection as well to judge the 48 parameters. So far, our software caters only to employees. In the future, it will also help school / college students come to know the areas of their weaknesses and work on them before they complete their higher studies. This new education vertical will be looked upon by the need of this year.