Apple’s ‘Clips' allows to take 360-degree pictures

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 14, 2017 03:11 PM IST

Apple has upgraded its Clips movie-making app with features that will enhances your videos.

Clips is an iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics and much more.

In iPhone X, this feature has a Selfie Scenes option that allows users to capture 360-degree selfies using the front camera. The app also has a new streamlined interface. The giant record button is still located on the monitor, but the app now has a dedicated Effects browser that lets you quickly pick filters, labels, stickers and emojis for your videos.

It also has labelled buttons that help you edit raw footage at a faster pace than ever.

Additionally, there are full-screen browsers to give you more space to select the best picks from your photo library or the provided animated posters.

If you own an iPhone X, the new feature includes as many as 10 Apple-designed scenes that all add an augmented landscape using the TrueDepth camera sensors. There are unique locations, characters, colours and visual styles.

The Clips app uses the TrueDepth system to transform the original background of the subjects into virtual scenes. Notably, each of the scenes available on Clips offers a full 360-degree experience. The new version also holds artistic effects that use some machine learning efforts and a style transfer technology to add effects such as oil painting, water colour or pencil sketch. The upgrade also brings iCloud integration within the app. This means you can now access and edit your Clips videos directly from iCloud.

The app also automatically uploads and takes back-up of videos to Apple’s cloud access to help you record a clip on an iPhone and finish editing later on an iPad. Similarly, there is even support for Shared iPad to let you create your videos even on shared hardware.