Apple's big event unveils new products and OS

By Sricharan R Published on Jun 06, 2017 03:14 PM IST

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is being held in San Jose, California. There were a few surprising updates to their lineups and also a few new OS in their bags. Apple unveiled new versions of its iOS, macOS and watchOS platforms, a new iPad Pro tablet and also a connected home speaker device called the HomePod to fight its Android and Amazon speakers. Let's take a look at what are all the new stuff they released at the event.


Apple announced a new version of watchOS, the OS that powers the Apple watch. It is not as big a change as last year’s watchOS3, but there are a few interesting new features. New Siri-powered watch face uses machine learning to customise its content in real time throughout the day, including reminders, traffic, upcoming meetings, news, smart home controls, etc. The Apple watch will also be able to better connect with other hardware gadgets, such as continuous glucose monitors, via Bluetooth.

macOS High Sierra

Just as its name, there is not much of a change with the new macOs. The company claims they have spent the year perfecting it. This includes updates to Safari, including autoplay video blocking and intelligent tracking prevention to cut back at ad trackers. It has better photos editing and organisation, updated graphics engine that supports VR development and adding more to the gaming centre.


The Apple iMac got a nicer display, faster processors and graphics performance to suit the VR content creation, more memory capacity and new ports. The MacBook and MacBook Pro are upgraded to faster chips and drives. The MacBook Air is getting a faster chip. Apple also showed off a sneak peek at a new, high-performance version of the iMac which is a 27-inch, darker gray iMac Pro, with up to 18 processor cores.

iOS 11

Finally, Apple unveiled something new and saved its most important platform, the iPhone and iPad. iMessages will now synchronise better between devices and will free up storage space by offloading things like old photo messages to the cloud. Apple Pay will now support person-to-person payments via iMessage, using a new Apple Pay Cash card. Siri will now let users translate into other languages, including French, Spanish and Chinese and the firm says that it will support more languages in the coming months. Camera is likely to take up less space than before and they have added more new tricks to Live Photos.

The surprising fact is that the lock screen and notifications window of the iOS devices are merging into one. There is also a new do not disturb while driving safety mode, which will silence notifications and auto-reply with an 'I am driving!' message while you are driving. Apple is re-designing the App Store for the first time and it looks a lot like Apple Music. New features in iOS 11 specifically for the iPads include a new dock for apps, a new multi-app view for multi-tasking, drag and drop support and a new Files app. And iOS will now try to understand your handwriting in the Notes app.

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Apple unveiled a new 10.5-inch version of the iPad Pro, its tablet for professional users. It has thinner borders around its edges, but still has a home button and will support a full-width keyboard cover. A better display and a new feature called ProMotion which updates its content up to 120 times per second making it feel smoother and more responsive.


The firm is taking aim at Sonos and the Amazon Echo with HomePod. The speaker will sense the shape of your room and customise audio for its surroundings. The speaker will 'Hey, Siri' and play from your Apple Music account, answer questions about weather, news, messages, podcasts, stocks, controlling smart home devices via HomeKit, etc.