Two techies clicking selfies meet with a watery grave

By PTI Published on Jul 17, 2018 01:52 PM IST

Bengaluru: The craze for selfies has claimed the lives of two young techies when they were washed away in a waterfall in Karnataka while trying to click a picture of themselves, police said.

The incident occurred on July 16 at Mekedatu waterfalls in Kanakapura district, where the Arkavathi, a tributary of the Cauvery, meets the river.

Shamir Rahman and Bhavani Shankar, both in their late 20s, were employed in a software company here, police said.

Rahman slipped and fell while clicking a selfie. His friend leapt in and tried to save him, but unfortunately both were washed away, the police added.

Both rivers are in spate due to increased flow following release of excess water from the Krishna Raja Sagar dam in Karnataka. The incident comes into fore even after authorities have made repeated requests to those visiting water bodies  to not take selfies.