NTC Logistics introduces Tower Shift Adaptor for transporting wind turbines

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 04, 2018 02:27 PM IST

Chennai: NTC Logistics India, the world’s largest logistics player in wind energy sector, has launched a unique transportation system- The Tower Shift Adaptor to solve problems caused during transportation of large parts of wind turbines on roads with poor infrastructure.

Explaining about the product, a company statement said, "In recent years, the Indian wind equipment industry has shifted towards large-sized turbines. The major challenge faced by this changing market is the current road infrastructure. For the most part, road networks hamper timely movement of consignments, especially turbines with towers section that are over 4.5m in diameter."

The Tower Shift Adaptor is expected to go a long way towards overcoming these infrastructure and time constraints. The Tower adaptor is compatible with modular vehicles.

The streamlined design ensures that wind tower segments of up to 100MT and 5000mm diameter can be fitted in. Special clamps guarantee safe transportation and quick handling.

With a vertical lift capability between 0 to 1000mm, the adaptor offers an added advantages of improved maneuverability, low self-weight, and self loading and unloading provisions.