No-confidence motion in Lok Sabha today

By PTI Published on Jul 20, 2018 04:54 PM IST
20 Jul, 16:54

Rajnath Singh said the BJP abstained from bringing a no-confidence motion against the earlier Congress government only because it was voted to power by the people.

20 Jul, 16:52

Rajnath condemns Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's Hindu Taliban remark.

20 Jul, 16:29

With the Opposition raising objection to Minister Rajnath Singh listing out the NDA government's achievements and create a ruckus near the well of the House, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned the Lok Sabha till 4.45 pm.

20 Jul, 16:10

Rajnath Singh cites IMF and World Bank report to bolster his claim that Indian  economy is doing well.

20 Jul, 16:04

Speaking for the BJP, Home Minister Rajnath Singh lists the achievements of the NDA government.

20 Jul, 14:12

Speaker invites Nirmala Sitharaman to reply to Rahul Gandhi who named her in connection with the Rafale issue. Nirmala says the agreement was signed during the previous Congress-led UPA government.

20 Jul, 14:08

Rahul Gandhi walks up to Modi, shakes his hand and gives him a hug.

20 Jul, 14:07

Modi silent even after people are attacked continuously in the country, charges Rahul Gandhi.

20 Jul, 14:06

This fear was driving them to crush dissent, says Rahul Gandhi.

20 Jul, 14:05

Rahul Gandhi says Prime Minister Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are afraid of losing power.

20 Jul, 14:04

Rahul Gandhi recalled the protests for minimum support price (MSP) for grains.

20 Jul, 14:03

Quoting another report, Rahul Gandhi said it was not just women who were unsafe in the country but also minorities and Scheduled Castes.

20 Jul, 14:01

Citing a foreign report, Rahul Gandhi raises the issue of women's safety in the country. 

20 Jul, 14:00

Speaker rules that Ministers have the right to reply to any issue raised by a member. 

20 Jul, 13:59

The Lok Sabha has convened after the adjournment. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan appeals to everybody for peaceful conduct of the no-confidence motion. 

20 Jul, 13:57

The Lok Sabha was adjourned as the BJP MPs objected to Rahul Gandhi's attack on Modi.

20 Jul, 13:56

House was adjourned till 1.45 due to ruckus created by the Opposition.

20 Jul, 13:55

Rahul Gandhi said the Defence Minister (Nirmala Sitharaman) must give a detailed explanation about the Rafale aircraft deal.

20 Jul, 13:54

Taking up the Rafale fighter issue, Rahul Gandhi alleged that Modi's friend benefited by the deal. He challenged the PM to look him eye to eye and deny it and charged that he was avoiding eye contact. 

20 Jul, 13:52

BJP MPs objected to Rahul Gandhi raising Jai Shah issue in the Lok Sabha.

20 Jul, 13:51

Rahul Gandhi raised the question as to why the Central government was quiet on the issue related to Amit Shah's son, Jai Shah.

20 Jul, 13:50

Prime Minister Modi gave only disappointment to people after promising to create two crore job opportunities, said Rahul Gandhi.

20 Jul, 13:48

Rahul Gandhi said crores of people were affected by demonetisation and GST.

20 Jul, 13:47

Modi promised that he would deposit Rs 15 lakh in every bank account but failed to do so, charged Rahul Gandhi.

20 Jul, 13:46

Rahul says Modi has failed to keep his promises. Farmers and youth have been affected by the Central government not helping them.

20 Jul, 13:41

Charges Prime Minister with not working for the country, but for some businessmen.

20 Jul, 13:40

Opposition leader and Congress president Rahul Gandhi flayed the Modi government.

20 Jul, 12:29

TDP speaker takes potshots at Congress.

20 Jul, 12:07

TDP speaker Galla accuses BJP of giving Andhra Pradesh a raw deal in not granting it special category status.

20 Jul, 12:06

The current strength of the Lok Sabha is 496 members.

20 Jul, 11:47

BJP and allies have 296 MPs,  Congress and allies, 147 MPs in the Lok Sabha. There are also 53 non-aligned MPs.

20 Jul, 11:45

Shiv Sena boycotts no-confidence motion debate.

20 Jul, 11:42

Opposition Congress objected to the Speaker allotting less time for the debate on the no-confidence motion moved by TDP.

20 Jul, 11:40

Nineteen MPs belonging to the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) have staged a walkout from the Lok Sabha.

20 Jul, 11:39

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan says counting on the no-confidence motion will be at 5 pm today.

20 Jul, 11:38

Debate on the no-confidence motion brought by the Telugu Desam Party begins.

20 Jul, 10:57

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar says BJP will prove its majority and defeat the no-trust motion.

20 Jul, 10:53

Chandrababu Naidu succeeds in placating sulking MP J C Diwakar Reddy to attend Lok Sabha proceedings. He had earlier decided to keep off the House today.

20 Jul, 10:48

Rajnath Singh, Rakesh Singh and Arjun Meghwal will reply to Jayadev Galla.

20 Jul, 10:38

Telugu Desam Party MP Jayadev Galla will speak first for the motion of no-confidence in the Lok Sabha today.