Kerala floods: Trader from MP donates blankets to people at relief camp

Kannur: A 30-year-old man from Madhya Pradesh usually comes to Kerala during the monsoon season to sell blankets, door to door.

This year, when he landed in Kannur in North Kerala, he heard about the devastating rains and floods in the state that had left 37 dead and destroyed homes of many.

Without any hesitation, the youth, who ekes out a living selling blankets door to door, reached a relief camp housing some tribal families, including children, of Aaralm here, and donated 50 blankets.

Vishnu's gesture has won him praise in the social media. "Meet Vishnu from Madhya Pradesh who sells blankets in Kerala. He donated all his 50 blankets for people who are now shifted to govt shelter centers due to heavy floods in Kerala. #Salute#," said a tweet.

"People from all walks of life in Kerala are hailing his great deed. What really impressed me is that he is not rich but toiling round the clock for his bread and butter. but still he is keeping such big heart!," said another tweet.


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