Jobs in Indian realty sector declined 8% last year: Study

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 20, 2018 03:15 PM IST

Chennai: Real estate sector has seen a drop in the number of job postings by eight per cent from May 2017 to this year, in the wake of the implementation of RERA, according to the data from Indeed.

According to the report, post the implementation of the RERA, job seekers with experience in civil engineering, electrical engineering, marketing and sales, mechanical engineering, project management, architecture, management and administration, accounting, communications and legal profiles have shown significant interest in working in the real estate sector.

The data further indicates that Noida is the leading city in India for those seeking job opportunities in the real estate sector, followed by Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Job seekers between 36-45 year of age group have the highest level of interest in real estate jobs, while millennial job seekers show the least interest.

An interesting observation is that the real estate job opportunities are actively looked for by job seekers in the senior age bracket, i.e. in the 51-65 year age group.

"While the sector is still recovering from the aftermath of RERA, the act's stipulated compliances and regulations are expected to unlock potential job opportunities in various capacities. These measures have been taken by the Government to facilitate a healthy restoration of the people's confidence in the realty sector," said managing director, Indeed India, Sashi Kumar.

However, the number of job searches in the sector has increased by eight per cent during the same period, the report added. "The industry as a whole has also taken to these measures in a positive manner and is collectively working to reinvent the sector towards encouraging job creation, in order to contribute to the Indian growth story," added Kumar.