Jaitley should look into BJP's efforts to stitch "unholy alliances": KPCC

By PTI Published on Jul 17, 2018 11:55 AM IST

Bengaluru: KPCC President Dinesh Gundu Rao said Union Minister RPT Minister Arun Jaitley should look into BJP's efforts to strike "unholy alliances" with incompatible allies before calling the Congress-JDS alliance in Karnataka as "opportunist".

"Before making comments on JDS-Congress alliance, Mr Jaitley should look into his party's backyard. What was the ideological compulsion of BJP to form a government with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir? Was it not an unholy alliance within compatible partners? Was it not an opportunist attempt by BJP?" Rao told reporters here.

He was reacting to Jaitley's Facebook post, where he has lashed out at Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy for his emotional outburst on Monday and termed the JDS-Congress alliance as opportunist.

Jaitley also alleged that the alliance's aim was survival and not serving the nation.

Rao questioned BJP's "desperation" to form governments in Goa and the North-Eastern states by striking "unholy alliances" with the respective parties there. "So where is the moral high ground Jaitley is talking about?" he asked.

On Kumaraswamy's emotional outburst, Rao said it is a human expression of anguish against BJP's "negative politics", which revolves around communalism. Also, he has not said anything against Congress, Rao said.

Kumaraswamy on July 14 had turned emotional while addressing a party workers convention, saying that he was not happy in the top post and was "swallowing the pain like Vishakantha (Lord Shiva)". Rao said Jaitley should focus on problems facing his department and the country, instead of moralising on the JDS-Congress alliance.

"It is very easy to write blogs sitting in an AC room in Delhi. Instead of doing that, he should be solving the economic problems, including the plummeting Rupee, bank scams and others," he said.

Rao also alleged that Jaitley literally has no work as his department is being run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hence he is writing on his blog.