'Country cannot accommodate foreigners illegally staying'

By PTI Published on Aug 03, 2018 11:32 AM IST

Hyderabad: BJP MLA in Telangana G Kishan Reddy said the country cannot accommodate foreigners who are illegally staying in the country as it is still grappling with issues of poverty and backwardness.

Such foreigners, who are illegally staying in Hyderabad, should be sent back, he told reporters.

"The Bangladeshis or those from Burma (Myanmar) who are illegally coming, they cannot be identified as refugees. Poverty is already there in the country, basic facilities are not available. India cannot afford to have crores of people from foreign countries," Reddy, floor leader of BJP in state Legislative Assembly, said.

Kashmiri Pandits, who are citizens of India, lived in tents on the roadside when they came under attack in the valley, he claimed.

He wanted to know from the State government on what basis and criteria Rohingyas are living in the city, adding that Hyderabad police have identified some of them as having terror links. "

So, I demand that they be identified and sent back to their respective countries, whether Bangladesh or Burma," Reddy said. He said they will write a letter to the Centre to identify the foreigners (illegally) living in Hyderabad.

The AIMIM extended help and support to Rohingyas, who are foreigners, in some parts of Hyderabad, he alleged. Some political parties are stalling parliament on the list announced by National Register of Citizens, but it is not an issue concerning a religion, region, State or language, he said.

It is an issue concerning national security and self-respect of the people of the country, he said. Alleging that Congress has established a tradition of giving priority to foreigners who illegally entered the country, he said the party has "made India worse than a roadside choultry."

"At least, in a choultry, there are doors and an official of the choultry writes about those coming in and going out," he said.

As a consequence, many from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar are illegally staying in the country, he claimed.