Chilling details of Pradyuman's murder

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 10, 2017 04:03 PM IST

Gurugram: The class 11 student of Ryan International School, apprehended by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly killing a seven-year-old student, has confessed to his crime in front of his father and an independent witness, the agency has claimed before a juvenile court.

A four-member CBI team on Thursday visited Gurugram with the 16-year-old student to reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the 8 September murder.

The agency officials are said to have taken the accused, whose name is being withheld, to the Sohna Market, where he is said to have purchased the knife used in the murder of seven-year-old Pradhuman Thakur.

Following are some of the details which have emerged regarding the case:

The class 11 suspect is said to have murdered Pradhuman in a bid to create a situation whereby the upcoming examinations would get postponed.

According to the CBI, the student, believed to be weak in his studies, allegedly slit Pradhuman's throat.

He is said to have bought a knife from Sohna Market, a CBI sources said, as per IANS.

CBI sources also said that the agency was still investigating the case and that admission of crime is just the beginning of a process of collecting corroborative forensic and legally tenable evidence.

The agency did not find any evidence of sexual assault, a CBI spokesperson has said.

"He has admitted his involvement in committing the murder... in presence of his father...," the CBI note has said, as per PTI.

The murder took place on the ground floor boys washroom of Ryan International School.

The CBI has said that there was no evidence against handiwork of school bus conductor Ashok Kumar so far.

The agency was able to piece together elements of the crime by analysing CCTV footage, scientific and forensic examination, analysis of the crime scene.

Based on CCTV footage and crime scene analysis, the agency examined all potential suspects and witnesses.

Students, teachers and staff members of the school were also questioned.

The CBI's stunning revelation has derailed the Haryana Police version of the gory crime which led to the arrest of a school bus conductor.

Pradhuman's family had always insisted that the conductor was being framed.

The arrested student has been handed over to the CBI by a juvenile court for questioning.

Meanwhile, the victim's family has demanded that the juvenile student be tried as an adult and accordingly, be given a harsh punishment.

"The age of the arrested student falls into the category of 16 to 18. Therefore, there is an option with the board to try him as an adult. We demand a strict punishment for him, and we`ll ensure he is tried as an adult and is hanged till death," Sushil Tekriwal, the advocate of Pradyuman`s family has said, ANI reported.

The advocate, however, did not rule out the involvement of the school management in shielding the student.

"We still believe there is a deep-rooted conspiracy hatched on part of various people, including the student who has been arrested. The CBI inquiry also indicates the involvement of the Pinto family, and it has not ruled out that possibility," the advocate said, adding, "Wiping out all evidences could not have been possible without the involvement of the top notches."