Check before you instal

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Jun 20, 2018 09:48 AM IST

Every time a user instals an app from the Android market on his/her smartphone, a little bit of selfish love is hidden in it. The user only looks for the identity: icon (picture) of the app and developer's name. But more often, they turn a blind eye to what accompanies the app.

Once the app is installed, the user waits for the app to work well. But, instead, the app unloads valuable information from the device and transmits it to the owner of the app.

Lukas Stefanko at ESET - a Slovakia-based security agency, along with his team, have researched how spammers trick users to instal junk apps.

According to his study, spammers trick users by publishing dirty apps under developer's name displaying 10,00,000 downloads and apps developer name with verified( ) tick. Many instal these apps and have fallen to cyber crooks.

Therefore, it is important to go through the app completely before installing. Else, you can become a victim to these crooks.

Many such tricksters spam user's phone with junk that have Trojans and cryptominers. These invisible junks penetrate the device and encroach vacant plots and build their own place.

From there, they invade, attack and capture other small empires in the device. After taking over the whole device, these apps work in the background without running cryptominers and adwares.

These adwares displays ads continuously, whenever ports are connected with Internet. So, if you come across any such app in Play Store, click read more, scroll down, cross-check the developer's liability and date of uploading.