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Mourning continues at Meenambal Street

Chennai: Addiction towards alcohol and selfies turned out to be the prime factor that caused severe injuries and casualties in the fire mishap occurred at Kodungaiyur in the city on Saturday night. News Today visited Meenambal Street, where the bakery was located, today. Though normalcy has resumed, there are people who are yet come out of shock and many mourned for the victims. Apart from a handful of employees from

Ticket rates up, so are sales of pirated CDs

Chennai: It has turned out to be like adding fuel to the fire, as the hike in cinema ticket prices seems to be encouraging piracy. Pirated CD shop-owners in town said the sale of pirated CDs has gone up to around 15 per cent in the past three days. When the Central government set GST in motion, the ticket prices of films in multiplexes and duplexes were raised to charge

Polluted Chennai suburban lake to be restored

Chennai: One of the major sources of groundwater in Velacheri located in the city suburb is the 12-mile long Veerangal canal. A majority of it runs through areas like Adambakkam, Velacheri, Palliakaranai and other neighbouring areas like Nanganallur and Ullagaram. However, the canal suffers from pollution which has been caused by dumping of many wastes. Even after several preventive steps taken by officials, there seems to be no improvement. The

Rice boutique keeps spirit of Earth alive

Chennai: In the booming inorganic and unhealthy food culture of society, here is an NGO, AIM for Seva, that has come up with a new initiative of reviving several traditional varieties of rice cultivated in an organic way. The NGO has opened its first exclusive traditional rice outlet in the city, called ‘Spirit of Earth’. Sheela Balaji, chairperson of AIM for Seva, has made a mission of bringing back a number

When Tamil youth saved Bengaluru waterbodies

Chennai: When there are a lot of politics and protests in in one side between Tamilnadu and Karnataka over the Cauvery river water issue, there is a group of youngsters from TN working in Bengaluru, who have been volunteering to revive the water resources of the city and its suburbs. Interestingly, these youngsters have already led a team comprising of Tamils and Kannadigas and have completed reviving Vibhutipura lake in

Demand for local milkman increases in Chennai

Chennai: After plastic rice, plastic egg row, it was the allegation of Tamilnadu Dairy Development Minister Rajenthra Bhalaji regarding adulteration in private milk that has caused a high fear among the consumers. The allegation has helped organic-milk firms and local milkmen to gain momentum in their business. People have started moving towards organic milk firms as they are believed to have a lot of stringent methods to raise cows. “We