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Comey naughty!

As a die-hard fan of Indian cricket team, my view on the India-Sri Lanka match in the ongoing Champions Trophy is that James Comey was pretty convincing in his performance. The thing is, as a typical Indian cricket follower, I switched channels the moment it became clear India was losing, and that is how I got myself following the questioning of former FBI director by a US congressional panel, which

Car manufacturers plan at least four years ahead

A lot can be said about a car or bike after it has been launched. But people seldom know the effort manufacturers put into the making of a product. To make an entirely new product, car manufacturers nowadays have to start work about four years in advance. The stipulated price for making a new car is around Rs 700 to Rs 1,000 crore now. If the car is an entirely

A Talk aloud

When there is nothing to write or no inclination to write on anything, best is to write about oneself. Not an autobiography but the prevailing mood placed on auto-pilot. A narcissistic verbal trip is a nice indulgence, if passed off as common musings. Politicos and public personalities routinely do it albeit without exposing themselves. Beneath the ink-deep surface of most news lie a popular ego, waiting to be tickled. You