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TN farmers hold nude protests

Chennai/New Delhi: The Tamilnadu ryots at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi today resorted to nude protests before the Prime Minister’s office. This is the 28th day of the agitation and the farmers are staging various types of protests seeking drought relief and setting up of Cauvery water management board. The farmers who were gathered there suddenly removed their clothes and started rolling on the road which shocked the passersby. Talking

Union Ministers' assurance to Neduvasal delegation

New Delhi: Facing local protests, the government has assured that no oil and gas exploration will take place in a Tamilnadu village without addressing concerns of the local villagers. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan along with Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways Pon Radhakrishnan met a delegation from Neduvasal village yesterday. All the three ministers assured the delegation that the government will not

People rising

What is with the Tamils? They seem to be seizing every opportunity to launch protests. It is a strange reaction given that we do not care to intercede when we see two people wrestling on the road over some petty issue or if a big fight breaks out in our neighbourhood. But, recently, people have been taking up cudgels on behalf of people they do not know from Adam or

Neduvasal protesters fear desertification of village

Pudukottai: Protests against the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction project continue at Neduvasal village, near here, urging the Centre to shelve the project immediately to “protect” agriculture and the people. Protesters gathered at the Amman temple grounds in the village and raised slogans against the project. They held placards alleging that the entire district will face the “eventuality of desertification”, if the project sets in motion. They urged the Centre to withdraw the

Students sparked protest in Neduvasal

Chennai: Ever since 2017 unfolded, a number of issues have been rocking the State. Now, it is the turn of the anti-hyrdocarbon extraction protest. Despite the protests taking place in various hamlets and towns in the Cauvery delta region and the rest of Tamilnadu, it all commenced in a small village, Neduvasal, in Pudukottai district. It took the form of protests started by the villagers and joined by college students

Protest against hydrocarbon project in Pudukottai village

Chennai: Neduvasal, a remote village near Pudukottai, has all of a sudden come into the limelight because of the on-going protest asking the Central government to give up the hydrocarbon project planned to be taken up there. Villagers and youngsters started protesting against the project which has rapidly spread across the State gaining momentum as the number of protestors started increasing by the day. The project was approved by the