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The EC way out

Even by semi-official estimates, the slush cash used to bribe the voters of RK Nagar is around Rs 89 crs. Press freedom, previous experience and priority access to ‘sources that do not want to be identified’ allow us to round that off to Rs 100 crs. Indeed, last Friday was quite auspicious for IT kitty, if not for democracy. And that is from just one faction of the rulers, and

Warriors get ready for battle to capture R K Nagar

Chennai: The R K Nagar by-election, slated to be held on 12 April, is more than a prestige issue for the ruling AIADMK and the main Opposition DMK, and both heavyweights are gearing up for one of the toughest battles they have ever fought. The AIADMK, which is tasting back-to-back victories in by-elections ever since it came to power in 2011, is aware that it is not going to be