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One-man I-Day fete committee in Chennai

Chennai: There are many ways to celebrate Independence Day. While a majority of the public enjoyed the freedom with a holiday, resident welfare associations displayed patriotism by hoisting the flag and organising cultural events, by pooling in money. However, with changing times, it is difficult to find ‘individual’ celebration for Independence Day and Republic Day. But here is individual in Nanganallur in the city suburb who has been celebrating the

Unity now missing, says freedom fighter

Chennai: With the country just ushering in the 70th Independence Day, News Today caught up with freedom fighter K S Neelakantan. The octogenerian of Rajan Nagar, Villivakkam, in the city takes us down the memory lane. “I came to Poonamalle for learning Hindi and also for my higher education,” he begins, quipping that he had the fortune to ‘serve’ Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. “Once, Nehru was

When Gandhi visited T Nagar in Chennai

Chennai: The pre-independence era keeps T Nagar in the city fond memories, one of which had ‘Father of Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi visiting Hindi Prachar Sabha in Thanikachalam Street in the locality to render speeches. Gandhiji’s visit sparked enthusiasm and thousands thronged to see the real hero of their life. “Yes, I think he made two visits to the Sabha and stayed in the house of his follower in Venkatanarayana Road,”

Chennaiite nostalgic on release from British yoke

Chennai: As Independence Day just passed, News Today met S Parthasarathy Iyengar, aged 93, and a resident of Bharati Nagar, T Nagar in the citywho went down the memory lane. “Initially, when the East India Company made inroads into the country and started ruling, there was not much agitation or rebellion to their ruling as people got adjusted with their practices,” started Parthasarathy, who was just 23 when the country

Ex-serviceman in suburb recollects I-Day memories

Chennai: “Although I was only six at the time of independence, the memories of 15 August remain fresh in my mind,” says Vancheesan, a resident of Camp Road at Selaiyur in the city suburb. The ex-serviceman in the locality throws light on the public sentiment that prevailed when India was declared a free nation. “A day before independence, freedom fighters and police personnel knocked the doors of every house and

Octogenarian goes down 1947 memory lane

Chennai: With our country’s 70th Independence day over, there is a definite need for the present generation to know how our ancestors struggled in the past to get us freedom. News Today interviewed one of the senior most citizens of Vandalur in the city suburb to relive the freedom movement. Deivasighamani, the 86-year-old retired employee from Southern Railways, spoke to us about how different the present environment is from the