Poor social skills can harm mental health: Study

Washington: People with poor social skills tend to experience more stress and loneliness, which can negatively affect their physical as well as mental health, a study has found. “We have known for a long time that social skills are associated with mental health problems like depression and anxiety,” said Chris Segrin, from the University of Arizona in the US. “But we have not known definitively that social skills were also

Drinking glass may contain lead content

London: Enamelled drinking glasses, including beer, wine and spirit bottles, may contain potentially harmful levels of lead and cadmium, a study warned today. Researchers at the University of Plymouth in the UK carried out 197 tests on 72 new and second-hand drinking glass products, including tumblers, beer and wine glasses, and jars. They found lead present in 139 cases and cadmium in 134, both on the surface of the glasses

Dust belts around Proxima Centauri: Scientists

London: Scientists have detected dust belts around Proxima Centauri, a finding that indicates the presence of an elaborate planetary system hosted by the closest star to the solar system. New observations by Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory in Chile revealed the glow coming from cold dust in a region between one to four times as far from Proxima Centauri as the Earth is from the Sun. The data also

OPPO bets on artificial intelligence feature

Chennai: Oppo launched its new model F5 in Mumbai recently. Siddharth Malhotra launched the the phone at an event in the city. The phone’s special feature is that one has to look at the phone and smile to unlock it. Priced at Rs 19,990 the F5 (Gold and Black Edition) will go on sale from 9 November and will be available both online and offline. Two other models were also

Hackers clone sim to loot your wallet

In this era, it is not possible to assure 100 percent safety during online bank transactions. People have shifted from P-P transaction to online transactions. This change has boosted the economic and IT industry. But the method used by banks and online vendors to allow such transactions, has worried consumers of cyber attacks. A few weeks ago, an unknown hacker or hackers stolen Rs 1.3 lakh from a bank account. 

Digital self harm is high in teens, say scientists

Houston: An alarming trend of a new form of self-harm is emerging in teens, where they anonymously post mean things about themselves online, scientists including one of Indian origin have found. Adolescents harming themselves with cuts, scratches or burns has gained a lot of attention over the years not just because of the physical damage and internal turmoil, but also because it has been linked to suicide. More recently, self-cyberbullying

Smart artificial cells developed to treat diabetes

Washington: Scientists have developed smart artificial cells that could help manage diabetes without painful and frequent injections, by automatically releasing insulin into the bloodstream when glucose levels rise. The “artificial beta cells” (ABCs) mimic the functions of the body’s natural glucose-controllers, the insulin-secreting beta cells of the pancreas. The loss or dysfunction of these cells causes type 1 diabetes and many cases of type 2 diabetes. The idea is that

Soy food products can curb breast cancer

New York: A compound found in soy food products may help suppress the development of breast cancer, paving the way for new therapies to prevent the disease, a study claims. Researchers at University of Arizona in the US suggest genistein – a component of soy foods – can protect BRCA1, a gene that plays a pivotal role in thwarting tumour development in breast tissue. BRCA1 is a tumour-suppressor gene. When

Scientist identify oldest recorded solar eclipse date

London: Scientists have identified the date of the oldest recorded solar eclipse – an event that occurred on 30 October in 1207 BC and is even mentioned in the Bible. Using a combination of the biblical text and an ancient Egyptian text, researchers were able to refine the dates of the Egyptian pharaohs, in particular the dates of the reign of Ramesses the Great. The biblical text came from the

New AI system to detect early bowel cancer

Tokyo: Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can automatically detect colorectal cancer in less than a second. Researchers from Showa University in Yokohama, Japan developed the computer-aided diagnostic system that uses an endocytoscopic image – a 500-fold magnified view of a colorectal polyp – to analyse about 300 features of the polyp after applying narrow-band imaging (NBI) mode or staining with methylene blue. The system compares the

Google launches online payment option for mobiles

  Making use of digital economy and putting a fight against Apple Pay and PayPal, Google has announced a new way of online payment for mobile devices using any card, including those saved to Google Account. This ‘pay with Google’ option ties all these saved payment options together in a single interface. Google Payment API, was first announced at Google’s I/O developer conference. Using this, Google is streamlining online purchases