Kaspersky lab finds year-old Android malware

A few weeks back, researchers at Kaspersky lab found traces of a year-old Android Trojan spreading through messages. Called Faketoken.q, it spread fast through bulk short messages. It is learnt that this Trojan has been bow modified in terms of target and action by its new developer. Beside the actions of Trojan, this malware loots data by generating fake user interface in an app by overlaying it. According to the researchers, this newly

'O' is officially Oreo for Android 8.0

So, here it is, Oreo! Google launched its next major release for Android 8.0 and the name was revealed earlier today after the live stream of solar eclipse. Names such as Orange, Ozark Pudding and Olibol was rumoured to take after O. Adding to that this is not the first time that Android has partnered a company for its name. Remember KitKat? It was the name given to Android 4.4. What

You are not alone!

If you found yourself spending a lot of time on social media, do not feel bad. You are not alone as of the world’s population is spending their spare moments to share their view, tweet their experience and scroll through their news feeds, a report says. As of now, there are over 3 billion people logged on to social media accounts around the world which eventually means that almost half of

More potent, safer Zika vaccine developed

Washington: Scientists have developed the world’s first plant-based Zika vaccine that may be more effective, safer and cheaper than other vaccines against the mosquito-borne virus. Currently, there are no licensed vaccines or therapeutics available to combat Zika, researchers said. The vaccine developed by researchers from Arizona State University (ASU) in the US works against a part of a Zika viral protein, called DIII, that plays a key role for the

Sarahah: Honestly, it's latest craze on social media

Sarahah is the latest online craze that has flooded the social media. It claims that it can help you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and friends in a private manner. The app so far in Google Play has got 50,00,000 – 1,00,00,000 downloads while it has topped the list of free apps on Apple’s app store. Sarahah was also on

Tech giants cyber-stalk users for business

Chennai: Do you know about 2Ps of cyber world? It is what we call Privacy and Piracy. This decides the nature of cyber space and rights. However, this 2P is not applicable in all countries, where the basic rights of a person being online is betrayed. China is close enough in the category of privacy killer. The country has almost killed the privacy of its residents with ‘Golden shield project’. It was launched to censor the

Upcoming iPhone 8 features leaked

Chennai: The recent leaks about Apple’s soon to be launched iPhone 8 has created waves across many. One thing for sure is that this is going to be different. The smartphone maker not only marks the 10th anniversary, but is set to make the most radical update to the phone since its inception. Adding more to it, the Cuppertino giant has a lot riding on its shoulders after the relative

Robots removed gall bladders from patients

Puducherry: Doctors at JIPMER Hospital here removed gall bladders of two patients recently by performing an innovative surgery using a ‘surgical robot’. The method was introduced at centrally-sponsored JIPMER last month, its Director S C Parija said in a release yesterday, adding it would cost less than Rs 50,000 per patient compared to around Rs seven lakh charged in corporate hospitals. A team led by additional professor and head of Department of

Giant exoplanet discovered with water

Washington: Scientists have for the first time discovered glowing water molecules in the atmosphere of a giant Jupiter-like planet located 900 light years from Earth that is hot enough to boil iron. This is the first evidence of an exoplanet stratosphere – the layer of atmosphere where temperature increases with higher altitudes. Previous research spanning the past decade has indicated possible evidence for stratospheres on other exoplanets. The atmosphere WASP-121b

Kids watching TV 3 hours a day may up diabetes

London: Parents, take note! Being glued to television or video games for more than three hours a day may put your children at increased risk of developing diabetes, a study warns. Researchers found that both adiposity, which describes total body fat, and insulin resistance, which occurs when cells fail to respond to insulin, were affected by longer hours of watching television and using computers. “Our findings suggest that reducing screen

Red alert for Indian cyberspace against viruses

A few weeks back, Check Point researchers released a report stating that 28 per cent of organisations in various sectors have been affected by malvertising campaign that took place in June this year. The research team also runs ThreatCloud Map, which is powered by Check Point’s ThreatCloud intelligence to detect the cyber threats happening globally. In that report, the company categorised the severity of threats and vulnerable countries in three