Party mode off

Christmas and New Year parties are over and those who are tired of LBDs and sheer dresses, here is the way to present yourself traditionally. This festival season, embrace your look by adopting trending ethnical tricks since Pongal is round the corner. Silk ‘n’ smoothy Saris are meant for traditional looks. So the two types of saris that your wardrobe must possess this festive season are Banarasi and Kanchipuram pattu.

Hit the gym in style

The beginning of the year is always know for resolutions, especially the ones that include fitness. So if you are one of those who would hit the gym this New Year, here are some workout wearables that you can opt to stay in style while sweating out. Working out is one of the few physical activities that allows your body to perform at its full potential. Thus, dressing appropriately and

Ring in 2018 without cliches

Christmas is over and it is time to indulge in New Year shopping. Whether you plan a full-night out party or a simple get together with friends, what you wear matters. This is also the best time to play with your fashion sense. Here is a short guide on what to wear this New Year eve. CENTRE-STAGE LOOK Give out a quirky look in the parties by wearing sequins and

Nail art has grown in shape and size

Women these days try to look their best – from head to toe.They’d make sure that what they wear matches with the accessories, and even paint their nails to match their dress. Shaping of nails There are five types of nail shapes – squoval, almond, stiletto, coffin and round. Squoval – It is shaping the nails in the form of a square.A square does not have soft edges but in

Sitcom Restaurant surprises 'Star Wars' fans

Sitcom Restaurant on ECR is offering exciting dishes for Star Wars fans. This drama diner is offering a variety of food and desserts with a combination of ingredients, which reflects the characters from the fiction. The Star Wars-inspired menu starts with three simple but sugary juice varieties made with crushed ice and vanilla ice-cream. While the first one Yoda soda, named after legendary Jedi Master Yoda. The drink is made of green apple syrup. The

Barbeque Nation holds European food festival

Barbeque Nation is holding year-end carnival with a unique European food festival. It will be held till 7 January at all their outlets. In line with the theme, the starters served are popular European favourites. Vegetarians can begin with Italian jalapeno cheese stuff mushrooms, tangy mango paneer and burnt garlic grilled vegetables. In the non-veg section there will be European barbequed chicken, lemon dill pesce which is steamed white fish infused in dill

Step out of comfort with oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are comfortable and cozy. Be it winter, spring or summer, the long sweater have now become a fashion statement. Despite having the resemblance of a blanket, these oversized sweaters can be flattering and energetic statement pieces, if styled correctly. One option is to streamline your look in monochromatic, head-to-toe knits. “I mostly prefer long sweater during summer, when I wear that I feel like it gives me confident

Tantalise your taste buds at Lucknowi food fest

Food tickles all our senses, especially if it is cooked the right way. At The Residency in T Nagar, the chefs have prepared a storm of authentic Lucknowi food (both veg and non-veg) for their festival at the Spice Jar restaurant. India is one country that boosts of a variety of cuisines. The country also has a strong influence of Mughlai, Awadh, Nawabi and North West Frontier cuisines. Among these,

Classic 350 to finally get a rival in Imperiale 400

If there is one bike in the world that can be called a golden goose, it’s the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Selling more than 30,000 units every month in India, none can even come close to the Classic in sales, let alone overtaking it. This scenario is despite the engine being more than a decade old. Royal Enfield hasn’t even touched the bike in all these years while still hiking

Day not far off when EVs will rule the roads

If you are an automobile enthusiast and planning to get a car for yourself, I will suggest you wait. The concept of electric cars which were, all this time, avoided in our country for their lack of practicality are soon going to make a grand comeback again. Yes, the Central government is going to ditch all diesel, petrol cars and pave the way for electric vehicles by 2030, according to

Tassel is the new fashion statement

  Statement earrings stay in trend for all seasons. From pom-pom designs to Sonam Kapoor’s beaded statement earrings, Bollywood celebs inspire people chasing the current trend in accessories, with the latest being tassels. There are several inspirations with tassels. They come in all styles including crafty, funky and ethnic. Be it beaded or threadlike, the bottom line is that tassels complement your party attire. While it is categorised as summer