Cop the Panchayats

In ruling that the khap panchayats have no role whatsoever in a marriage between two consenting adults, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed one of the basic tenets of a civilised, lawful society. The apex court pointedly noted that it was for a court of law – and, not for any social group – to determine the legality or otherwise of a marriage. Nor was the court prepared to concede to these

Sky is not the limit

SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket into space, and flung its cargo – a Tesla – on a trajectory to the asteroid belt. But more impressively, it returned the two outer rockets of the vessel to Earth for future reuse. A third rocket missed its reentry target and can’t be reused, and the original trajectory of the Tesla was Mars orbit. But ambitious projects like this are never perfect,

Quiet, please

Parliamentary democracy is poorer due to the constant confrontation between the ruling and the Opposition parties. Unless both sides draw some red lines, and commit themselves not to breach them, the democratic process will remain hostage to wasteful hostility and tensions. The case in point is the refusal of the Congress Party to hear the Prime Minister speak in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. Modi was speaking on the customary

Modi opens up

It was an aggressive Narendra Modi who spoke in both the Houses of Parliament today on the motion of thanks to the President for the opening address to the Budget session. The PM, in all honesty, gave far more than he received from his critics. Of course, some will quibble that it was not prime ministerial to carry the battle to the Opposition camp. But then the terms of political

TDP's gameplan

The strike-but-not-wound strategy of TDP seems to have worked. The BJP-led NDA government has set about mollifying its ally which is smarting following alleged denial of any funds to AP in the Union Budget. Rajnath Singh, Jaitley, Piyush Goyal have positively responded to to AP’s demand. The news is that a formula is being worked out to pass on funds under the Special Package to AP. Even Prime Minister Narendra

Male muddle

There is uncertainty yet again in the Maldives. The Indian Ocean archipelago was thrown into a constitutional crisis following the Supreme Court order last week ordering the release of the main Opposition leader and former President Mohammed Nasheed. The court dismissed the charge of terrorism against Nasheed. Eight other Opposition leaders too were ordered to be released. The court came down heavily on the Abdul Yameen regime for subverting the