Driving a buyer around

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time for many. Having worked so hard to buy their favourite two-wheeler or car, many would enter showrooms wanting to see what’s on offer. Get into a showroom and you will be greeted by a smiling assistant wearing more make-up than necessary. Having told the person that you’ve come looking for a car, they would take you straightaway to the exact opposite of

Ms X and Mr Y

There was a gut-wrenching news a couple of days ago: Both the hands of a woman were fractured by her husband and in-laws in a UP village allegedly for giving birth to three daughters and not bearing a male child in eight years of married life. Granted. This is not an isolated incident that happened in UP. We keep hearing about these cases on and off. Tamilnadu is no exception

How to make phone battery last for long period?

As mobile phone users, we all want the battery charge to last the whole day. Unfortunately, it dips as the day wears and eventually we end up running in search of charger points – be it at our workplace or home. Speaking to News Today, Ganesh, a techie, says, “The amount of battery life our mobiles have on any given day depends on two key factors – how we use

Camp out this summer

Chennai: With summer vacation starting soon, we have a situation at hand: Worried parents wondering how to keep their children occupied. This is a tough one – especially for working parents – and summer camps will be cashing in on the need for the next two months. A quick online search will bring an array of classes – coding and science, robotics, yoga, communication and even survival camps for natural

Here a scratch, there a dent

If you look at the motoring scenario in Chennai today, one can compare it with Paris. The capital of France is known for its fashion and glamour, as we all know, but, unfortunately, it is also known for being one of the worst places for driving a car. It is so bad that infact it is impossible to find a car there that has not had a dent. Chennai, with

Between life & knife

Knives and petrol no longer serve the purpose they were meant for. These are now tools to put in check women who say ‘no’ to their former lovers/stalkers. Does a woman not have the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a boy? Can’t she walk out of a relationship when she is not happy with it? Why can’t a woman have the liberty to stay or break away from