When official scorer slipped into coma

◊ India-Sri Lanka encounters have the record for the most bizarre records Chennai, Nov 16: The India – Sri Lanka cricket series… oh no! don’t sleep now itself. An India-Sri Lanka cricket series is supposed to have begun somewhere today, or at least that is what we are told. For all we know, it might be an ongoing series between the two teams that people are noticing only now. There

When PM made common people talk about economics

The announcement of Prime Minister on the night of November 8 and the subsequent steps that the Finance Ministry and the RBI took were verily a war on that part of economy that deals with black humour. We at Crank’s News should know. Try as much as we did, despite our experience as long-standing silly clowns in the industry, we have not been able to match the efforts of the

A currency system so advanced that it's not currency

All questions you did not want to ask on Bitcoin answered Chennai, Nov 2: You’d have doubtless heard about Bitcoin. At any rate, you just did. Well, it is a virtual currency that has stirred a lot of controversy, and it is also pretty confusing, which sounds like a lot like demonetisation but believe us, it is not all that pointless. Here at Crank’s News we have a great tradition

83% feel GST rules confusing, and they are just the I-T staff

*State of the nation poll reveals state of the nation Chennai, Oct 25: ‘The State of the Nation’ poll is a big tradition in media, an occasion when we reveal to the public what they revealed to us in the first place. Don’t you think we in the media are fabulous? As with all other polls and surveys in the media, this one too has a great tradition for being

Tamannah’s cleavage & other festival attractions

* A look at how new ads reach out to people by being totally stupid Chennai, Oct 4: Thanks to the recent India-Australia one-day series, we at Crank’s News watched a lot of cricket. Sorry, correction: We apologise for the incorrect previous sentence. What we did was, we attempted to watch cricket, but what we did was: followed a lot of advertisements. And by boy, some of the advertisements were

5 Things that can happen in TN politics

* Centre appoints permanent care-taker Governor to TN Chennai, Sept 21: Tamil Nadu has been in a state of suspended animation, no, make it, animated suspense, for a year now. Starting on the night of September 22, 2016 the then Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was, in acute emergency, admitted to what eventually seemed to be a private prison. Anyway, the next day there was a press release from the State