Celebrating Chennai's celebrations

For the Madras Week, Crank’s Corner has chosen to celebrate Chennai’s iconic celebrations, starting with: Funerals at Saidapet When you talk of fun, you have to talk of funerals. At Saidapet, to be specific. A typical death ceremony in Saidapet sees more rambunctious enjoyment than you get to witness at an upper-crust wedding reception. A death procession at Saidapet, in terms of loud music and dance, is basically a full-hearted

Sports journalism 1: AI 0

This week’s topic: Artificial Intelligence Scientific developments always open up new possibilities for humankind, and one such area of progress is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is basically about letting machines handle the jobs hitherto done by humans so that humans can have a lot of spare time that they can use looking for a job that will pay them for their everyday living. AI is now the buzz all over the world as

The day before

‘Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny’ thus dramatically begins Jawaharlal Nehru’s first Independence Day speech, which to this day nobody knows how it ends. Because, let us face it, howsoever historic the moment may have been, it was still an Independence Day speech, hence boring. Nobody really pays much attention to it. For instance, Indira Gandhi, when she was the Prime Minister in 1982, in her Independence

Poor driving force behind poverty in nation: Think Tank

“They must try their best to inherit massive wealth or co-found Flipkart”  Chennai, Aug 10:  A new study on the economic development of the nation in the 70 years since its independence has put down the growing problem of (economic) inequality on the “inability of country’s poor to get rich adequately”. The in-depth study, undertaken by the well known think tank on economics (well known to its 5 members), TTE

I am Henry Cavendish

What with one thing and another, I had completely forgotten that I was once an award-winning physicist, one who had possibly invented/discovered many things. Luckily, I was reminded of what I was in my previous birth by a website that analyses people’s past life based on their “sub-conscious memories”. I am not giving out the link for this website because one of your friends will already have put a link to it on your Facebook

Kandy Floss!

The ongoing India-Sri Lanka cricket series is a good occasion for me to bring my two decades of journalistic experience to basically showoff about my trips there. I will also reveal, space permitting, how I sneaked into Muthiah Muralitharan’s house in Kandy to meet his wife when he was not there. Sri Lanka has two of the most scenic cricket stadiums in the world, at Galle and Kandy, and to watch cricket there

Kabaddi with Kamal

There is a new news-beat in Chennai journalism these days, and it is called: Chasing Kamal Haasan. We in the media are covering Kamal 24/7 and the actor cannot step out without clumsily tripping on microphones and camera tripods as an Arupathimuvar utsavam-level crowd of reporters seem to be constantly camped in front of his house every morning. We in the media will willingly hire anyone as reporter if he or she has the requisite journalistic skill of climbing the

Crank's Cornerrr!

What do you think is the biggest problem now facing Tamil Nadu? a) Unstable political situation b) Declining industrial development c) Water and agrarian crisis d) Corruption in high places. Going by the amount of newsprint and airwaves expended in the last few days, the answer to the question is the un-given option e) Bigg Boss. To those who, probably on account of residing in Mars, don’t know what Bigg

Canine and ten

Just when you’re starting to lose hope on WhatsApp forwards as most of them turn out to be totally predictable, just when you’re about to give up on them in total despair as many of them are unreliable, some friend in some group, when you least expect it, sends you a forward that makes you sit up and marvel at humanity’s ability for total silliness. It is likely that you

Rowling trophies

Just get a load on these amazing numbers behind the Harry Potter franchise: Twenty years, 18 billion dollars in value, seven books, eight films, translated into 68 languages, over 500 million copies sold (and still selling) worldwide, the largest selling book series ever and — this has to be the most impressive part of the statistics — none of which has been read or seen by me. When the first Harry Potter book

North by Northwest

Scientists this week assured us that an asteroid is headed towards the Earth and it is only a matter of time before it crashes into our planet. And it will land bang straight on Republic TV headquarters. Okay, the second part will happen only if we are any lucky. But as far as the asteroid crash goes, a top astrophysicist has said it is only a question of when rather