Thaana sertha kozhappam!

Statutory warning: No animal was harmed in the making of this report. But there are a couple of tasteless jokes on Simbhu. There is a crisis in Tamil film industry that there has been no new releases for the last two weeks and they have been re-releasing films like Vedhalam and Mersal. This makes it clear that there is a bigger crisis in Tamil society as it comprises people who

TN PoLOLitics

Every week when I sit to write this column, I check what the competition is up to. By competition, I mean: Tamil Nadu politics. For us, humour writers, the task of trying to match TN politicians in eliciting laughter out of public is always daunting because they (politicos) tend to do it so effortlessly. Take the case of T Rajendher. (I am not sure whether this is his chosen spelling

When rain stopped Sridevi's rain dance

The death of actress Sridevi this week triggered many memories in me, and one of which was about the day when I died for her. Well, almost. This was in the late ’70s or early ’80s, I can’t recall the specific year. I had tagged along with my older brother and his friends on a short, day trip to Thekkady. Now, Madurai to Thekkady is around 130 kms in distance,

My stand on Cauvery issue

Kamal Haasan has formally launched his political party. Rajinikanth is getting ready with his. Vishal too looks like he is entering politics. The last one is particularly a happy development, as anything that can keep Vishal away from acting has to be welcomed unconditionally. The thing is in the last one-and-a-half years the number of people taking up active politics in Tamil Nadu has shot up exponentially. Frankly, politics has

Caara Aattacaara!

The auto expo (which ended this week at New Delhi) always sees the unveiling of many exciting cars and other vehicles, many of which we hope don’t make it to our roads as they clearly fall under the category: industrial pranks. But unfortunately some of them do manage to get a mainstream release. We have car models like ‘Sail’, ‘Zen Carbon’, ‘Matiz’ in mind when we say this. We may

Share autos to Saturn

This week, scientists belonging to the private company SpaceX made a rocket carry a full-fledged car into space and let it into orbit, leading to the major finding that the scientists were all tripping on psychedelic drugs. Well, at least that is what I think could be the only possible discovery from the whole operation. I speak from experience. Back in college, we, in a spirit of similar inquisitiveness, used