Festival on crack

It’s festival time. With the bustle and sparkle of the moment, it may be easy to forget the real tradition of the occasion. We will remind you: It’s about purchasing electronic consumer devices that you mostly have no need for. It is a practice that goes back to Lord Krishna’s time, as we can see in this verbatim exchange between Him and Yashodha: Yashodha: I will tie You to the

Raiders of the last arc

ISuggestThatYouTryReadingThistAloudWithoutAnyPauseAndWithoutLettingYourIntensityDownEvenForASecondAndWhileAtItYouCanAlsoTryTwistingTurningTwirlingKickingAndRunningAroundBecauseItWillGiveYouAGoodIdeaOfWhatItTakesToBeA… Tcha! I lost my breath there. I guess you too would have, unless otherwise you happen to be Ajay Thakur. But if you are Ajay Thakur, you can probably read this entire column in a single breath. Ajay Thakur is capable of this because he has no lungs. Okay, that is an obvious lie. Ajay Thakur is capable of this because he is the star raider for the Chennai

Tamannah’s cleavage & other festival attractions

* A look at how new ads reach out to people by being totally stupid Chennai, Oct 4: Thanks to the recent India-Australia one-day series, we at Crank’s News watched a lot of cricket. Sorry, correction: We apologise for the incorrect previous sentence. What we did was, we attempted to watch cricket, but what we did was: followed a lot of advertisements. And by boy, some of the advertisements were

A Bigg task

Whatever the 100 days of Bigg Boss has done or not done for the people of Tamilnadu, it has made one immense contribution: It has added a word to the Tamil vocabulary. And the word is TASK. Yes. The word is being bandied about by everyone who has watched the show even once. Even my maid complains that I am giving her a difficult ‘task’ when I ask her to

Crazy thieves of Ambattur

The other day a friend cattily suggested that with the nation’s economy tanking many of us may soon need to resort to burglary. And my response as a responsible journalist was, “we better, especially because there is an alarming decline in the quality of existing criminals”. My statement was based on what had happened last week at the residence of my friend Janardanan, who for the sake of protecting his

Doll Tadka

The nine-day Navarathri in South India, which is 10-day Dussehra in North India — days are shorter in North India due to global warming — is upon us now. This year’s Navarathri is doubly special because — religious almanacs say this phenomenon occurs only once in 144 years — it helpfully telescopes into Gandhi Jayanthi and brings along with it the promise of a 5-day holiday. The biggest highlight of

5 Things that can happen in TN politics

* Centre appoints permanent care-taker Governor to TN Chennai, Sept 21: Tamil Nadu has been in a state of suspended animation, no, make it, animated suspense, for a year now. Starting on the night of September 22, 2016 the then Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was, in acute emergency, admitted to what eventually seemed to be a private prison. Anyway, the next day there was a press release from the State

The Hunker Games

As a newspaper dedicated to hyper-local news in Chennai, this week we, with typical thoughtfulness, focus on Hurricane Irma that hit the American coast. Watching news of Hurricane Irma, with it about to flatten Florida, was mostly great fun. Now, don’t get us wrong. The hurricane effects were, of course, sad and scary, but just that the way the American news networks covered the whole thing you would have thought

Newspapers should not pass off letters to the Editor as humour column

* Exasperated reader Panchabootham deplores state of journalism Dear Sir/Madam, Straightaway, I want to ask you whether there are any more journalists left in the newspaper industry or not. Is journalism like clerical work at the AGS Office these days? I have to pose these fundamental questions because I have been seeing a big newspaper palming off one person’s letters to the Editor as a regular weekly column. I could

We don't need no education

School education system is the second most deeply debated topic in Tamilnadu these days. The first, needless to say even more hotly discussed subject, is: What Kamal tries to convey in his tweets. Nobody in TN, and we seriously believe this includes Kamal too, is sure about the contents of his tweets. It has reached a stage where many feel understanding Kamal’s tweets is tougher than cracking NEET. Getting back

Computerji, please lock Amitabh Bachchan

Kaun Banega Crorepathi (KBC) is back. This is from what happened in the previous editions. Amitabh Bachchan:  Welcome to the all new episodes of the show where they pay me several crores of rupees every week and still titularly wonder Kaun Banega Crorepati.  Yes, stupidity is the chief hallmark of this programme.  But people generally endure us because otherwise they have to settle for Bigg Boss, a show that you cannot enter unless your