Thaana sertha kozhappam!

Statutory warning: No animal was harmed in the making of this report. But there are a couple of tasteless jokes on Simbhu. There is a crisis in Tamil film industry that there has been no new releases for the last two weeks and they have been re-releasing films like Vedhalam and Mersal. This makes it clear that there is a bigger crisis in Tamil society as it comprises people who

The Stephen Hawking Cheat Sheet

* How to sound authoritative on science without knowing anything like varsity VCs Chennai, Mar 15: The death of Stephen Hawking has robbed the world of a scientist who lucidly explained many of the deep truths of this universe, except the one whether he was actually a cosmologist or an astrophysicist. The obituary references to Hawking have him marked as astrophysicist, physicist, cosmologist, scientist, astronomist, mathematics professor. As you can

TN PoLOLitics

Every week when I sit to write this column, I check what the competition is up to. By competition, I mean: Tamil Nadu politics. For us, humour writers, the task of trying to match TN politicians in eliciting laughter out of public is always daunting because they (politicos) tend to do it so effortlessly. Take the case of T Rajendher. (I am not sure whether this is his chosen spelling

Beauty is in the eye of...?

Plunging the nation into grief, legendary actress Sridevi, who enjoyed a wide fan base pan-India passed away recently. It’s saddening to notice the irony in Sridevi’s life: her whole life had been dedicated to beauty, to look perfect from any angle she was spotted on camera – no lines on the face, the perfect smile, high cheek bones, a nose seemingly perfect for her. But when she died in a

BJP’s death wish

It takes more than just foolishness to do what a BJP leader has done in ‘Dravidian’ Tamil Nadu. Although the bulk of the nation is under its thumb, Tamil Nadu has eluded its tentacles so far and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. One does not need a doctorate in astrology to predict it. With no friends in sight, the BJP is worse off here than Rahul

15 easy steps, and one actual workable step, to port from Aircel

* Keep an Oxford dictionary nearby * You will be on first-name-basis with IVRS system Chennai, March 9: Thanks to the trouble in Aircel, its customers have been facing huge network problem, unable to make or receive calls — getting to understand what Vodafone customers go through even in normal times. Okay. That was just good natured barb at the hard-working Vodafone guys, who are always busy and attending to