Jawahar T R

‘Power of Attorney’ politics

By : T R Jawahar, E-Mail : trjawahar@gmail.com Friday, 17th February 2017             Rational TN can stump lawmen and laymen alike. The happenings here have always been high on absurd theatrics and can easily carry away and confound even the sanest of minds in an emotional sweep. The current scenario is just old wine adulterated by a Midas touch, in fresh disposable plastic crush cups.

Inauspicious Tidings

By : T R Jawahar, E-Mail : trjawahar@gmail.com Thursday, 9th February 2017 It seems to be time for all good, bad and ugly men and women to come to the aid of the party. The provocation for this rising din of unified voices from manifold walks of TN life is the disturbing rise of one of the most hated characters in recent political history. Never has the mood of multitudes