Jawahar T R

BJP’s death wish

It takes more than just foolishness to do what a BJP leader has done in ‘Dravidian’ Tamil Nadu. Although the bulk of the nation is under its thumb, Tamil Nadu has eluded its tentacles so far and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. One does not need a doctorate in astrology to predict it. With no friends in sight, the BJP is worse off here than Rahul

Shri Jayendrar I Knew

There were the sages of old and now there are the new age gurus with all the latest apparatus. Jayendra Saraswathi was a little different from both. He was a sage from the old order willing to push the borders of orthodoxy to be in line with demands of contemporary India. He tried to — and succeeded to a large extent — in treading this delicate and dangerous tight rope.

Punarapi Jananam

As birthdays go, this one for us at News Today, which enters its 36th year today (a nice, rounded, yet a square number) has come at a time when journalism in India, nay world, is at a crossroads. Closer home, in Tamilnadu, politics, too, which is prime staple of journalism, is also at a confused junction. The flux-filled events around us have not given us the space to pause and

God’s new workshop

You can take my word as it arises from prevailing experience: sloth is not sinful. Well, it might have been by choice or forced by some physical misfortune, but idling is by no means a vice. On the contrary, if you get around to managing your guilt that resides in you and the sly sighs of those around you, it can be argued quite convincingly that doing nothing can actually

The write way

The ground below started shifting long back. An undeniable and uncomfortable sense of irrelevance and lack of purpose was afflicting the writing community for quite some time. The belated tsunami struck me with full vigour during the recent three-month sabbatical, forced by a fall that stalled me physically, but kickstarted my introspective instincts. The reasons for the all pervasive disillusionment amidst those who fought the might of swords with words

Raids and reads, recycled

As the Dinakaran Touring Talkies rolls cross country, are we really surprised? Nah! And who said the notorious M. Mafia only take and don’t give bribes? Of course they pay. How else you think they lasted this long? After J’s passing, there were some raids. But they were tentative. The current trigger is RK Nagar and the fire power seems stronger. Should we believe the Centre is really serious this