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Egg to vanish from mid-day meal scheme?

Chennai: The sudden hike in egg price has badly hit students from getting the necessary protein component in their mid-day meals. While rumours are being spread regarding egg supply to government schools, headmasters and mid-day meal workers choose to deny it. Though there is a bit confusion among the workers and contractors regarding the price hike, now and in the near future, eggs will be supplied as usual, say government

Looking beyond GI tag for Mamallapuram sculptures

Chennai: “Though the move of the government in giving GI tag to stone sculptures of Mamallapuram in Tamilnadu is welcome, the identification of proper claims to GI tags of the State is a challenging one,” says a leading intellectual property rights lawyer in Chennai. Talking to News Today, he said, “We have many sculptors selling idols along the Puducherry-ECR stretch. They may claim that they have been doing this profession

Will neat training be given for NEET?

Chennai: The State government’s plan to start training centres for NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) has got mixed response among school principals and parents. Though the move has been welcomed, some are eager to engage themselves in the coaching centre, while some want to wait for the response from the students. Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on Monday inaugurated 75 NEET coaching centres all over the State in which seven are

Short film Lakshmi stirs emotions on social media

Chennai: Among the array of short films that portray feministic views in a wrong perception, Lakshmi is the latest. The Tamil short film has created a wave of emotions on social media since it was uploaded 10 days ago. Directed by Sarjun K M, the film is about a woman, Lakshmi (actor Lakshmipriya), who has an extramarital affair (or one-night stand, to be precise). Though the movie is not claimed

Chennaiite conjures water from thin air

Chennai: Nature provides solutions to problems we face. This has been proved once again by L Kumar, a young scientist from Tamilnadu. There are several predictions that the Third World War will be fought over water. Kumar, a 30-year-old PhD degree holder who has a string of inventions and patents – all created for social welfare – introduces the need-of-the-hour invention – a device that produces water from air. Called

Chuck your razors this November

Chennai: The trending hashtag #noshavenovember is now back on all social media websites and more young adults are adopting it to follow the trend as well as contribute their mite for a good cause. Although the trend started many years back with no particular reason, from 2007 it has benefited cancer patients. This is a great tradition but the real No-Shave November meaning and significance often gets lost among all

Chennai kid set to attempt Nationals in chess

Chennai: Naveen Kannan, a State-level chess player residing at Pammal, in the city suburb is all set to crack the Nationals in two months. News Today speaks to this 13-year-old champ. Q: When did you start playing the game? A: I started playing chess from my second grade. Initially, I played at home under my father’s training. I undertook professional coaching from my fourth class. Q: How did you get

Activists feel Chennai will be badly hit like 2015 floods

Chennai: Remember 2015 floods that hit Chennai badly. The blockage in free flow of rain water and improper bunds of two major rivers – Adyar river and Kosasthalaiyar river – were claimed to be the major reason why the city was flooded, say activists. The South Chennai which was worst hit by Adyar river, is now set to meet the current monsoon, where the height of the bunds have been

The effect of monsoon on dengue

Chennai: “The present North East Monsoon season will become an ideal breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes. This in turn will increase the risk of dengue by 30 per cent than the previous year,” says general physician, Dr Theoder Robinson. He adds, “The female mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) that survives on humans blood, lays eggs in fresh water. These eggs require at least seven days to hatch into adult mosquitoes. These mosquitoes

Chennai kids' health at stake: Survey

Chennai: A latest survey has found that 70 per cent of parents in Chennai are forced to restrict their children either from eating the food they like or playing outside for fear of their falling ill. It found that 62 per cent of children in the city fall ill at least once every three months, forcing parents to prevent their children from consuming ice creams, chocolates, pastries, cold drinks, etc.,

Where do sanitary napkins go after disposal?

Chennai: More than the inconvenience during periods, faced by every menstruating woman, it is the process of the disposal of the soiled napkins that is a real struggle. This waste along with diapers are considered ‘rejects’ and has hazardous effect on the land when dumped. Sadly, it is the segregators and conservancy workers who are directly affected by this. INSTAL INCINERATORS Priya Ramchandran, director of NGO Namma Ooru, says, “There