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Oz writer Bill Koul launches 3 books in Chennai

Chennai: “Find a purpose in life and work on it. Everyone has a meaning to live in this world – find it and live it,” were the wise words of author Bill K Koul, whose three books were launched here Friday. The guests for the evening at Starmark bookstore in Express Avenue were political analyst and television anchor, Dr Sumanth C Raman, eminent psychiatrist, Dr N Rangarajan, author and happiness

Chenani girl makes success in music world

Chennai: Swarnalekha’’s aim in life is to make it big in music and become a playback singer. This 21-year-old residing at Velacheri in the city has a passion towards singing and is willing to beat all odds to make a career out of it. This engineering students speaks to News Today about her ambition. She says,”‘I started singing at a very young age. I was in class three when I

Young women prone to ovarian failure

Chennai: Women in their mid-twenties are prone to premature ovarian failure (POF) and smoking and drinking are the main reasons, says Dr Madhupriya, fertility consultant at Nova IVI Fertility. Speaking to News Today on the sidelines of a press meet to brief about in vitro fertilisation (IVF) here on Friday, she said POF is a condition where there are physiological, age-related decrease in the number of eggs in the ovaries,

Neglected SWD in Chennai area irks many

Chennai: “After the 2015 floods, a new stormwater drain is being built to prevent water-logging in Vijayanagar at Velacheri in the city. The work on this project has not yet been completed,” alleges Swaminathan, a resident. “Vijayanagar is prone to water-logging. Every time it pours, most parts of the area get drowned. Considering this, funds were allotted to build a new stormwater drain. The work for it started two years

Multiple ear piercing now trending among youth

Chennai: The arm party (bracelet) is essentially over. While we are still fawning over the layered ring look, a new way to show off your jewellery-prowess is multiple ear piercing. This trend has strikes a perfect balance between feminine and tough. Piercing in particular have become a huge trend in fashion circles. Many teenage girls are into piercing, they say that it is more fashionable than wearing bangles. Those in

10 minutes enough to save victims: NDRF chief

Chennai: Since 2015, NDRF has become a name associated with rains, floods and cyclone. Now that the rains are back, personnel of National Disaster Response Force are geared up to help the people, says its Director General Rekha Nambiar. Speaking to News Today, she says, “We are well stocked in manpower, equipment and communication. We are well prepared for everything that is to come.” In 2015 deluge, NDRF was at

Chennaiite blends humour, tech into creating memes

Chennai: Anyone can be a meme creator, if they have creativity,’ says John Samuel (21), a resident of Guindy in the city. He creates memes for his Facebook pages. His most popular handle is MCC Memes. An editor with Books and Journals, a publishing house, John started his page two years back. He speaks to News Today about his journey. Q: How did you become a meme creator? A: It

Chennai lad wishes to be successful bike racer

Chennai: “As I speed away from the start line, everything falls into place. The fear fades into focus and the track is like your lifeline’,” says Allen Samuel, a bike racer from Guindy. He has been racing for the last three years. His greatest inspiration is Italian racer, Valentino Rossi. This young lad shares his experience with News Today. He says,”My craze for bikes started when I was a child.

Food as medicine to treat PCOD

Chennai: “Missed period problems are common but are usually not considered serious. We can deduce that the modern stressful lifestyle and food habits are linked to polycystic ovarian syndrome. You cannot avoid problematic periods but can definitely try some effective remedies to prevent it,” says Sathish Kumar A, a Siddha doctor, running a clinic in Adyar. Sathish Kumar told News Today,”PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) is a health condition that affects

Karate student now teaches kids in Chennai area

Chennai: Ezhail’s passion towards karate grew after he started watching Bruce Lee’’s fights. A resident of Kannagi Nagar, Velacheri in the city, he began formal training in this martial art when he was 19. His love for karate has made him teach it free of cost to other youngsters in the locality. He is part of APJ Abdul Kamal Association in the area and works at a manufacturing company in

Chennaiite talks about passion for boxing

Chennai: Karan Kishore’s (21) love for boxing started when he was very young. Besides playing the game, he also motivates others to play it. A resident of Velacheri, in the city, he has now become an inspiration for many in the area. Speaking to News Today, he said, “‘My interest in the game started when I was very young. However I started playing it formally only when I was in