Balakumar K

The Sung Parivar

Chennai was recently included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its rich tradition in sending WhatsApp forwards (bogusly) quoting UNESCO. Just kidding. But you know it. Chennai has actually been honoured for its rich tradition in music, and this is specifically taken to be for the city’s celebration of Carnatic music, which of course forms an important part of the city’s cultural scene as it enjoys enormous popularity among,

DIY: Election Reporting

* A handy primer on how to cover elections in any place without ever stepping out of your cubicle Chennai, Nov 30:  Elections are always the flavour of India. Some State or the other is always poll-bound. In the event, political reporting in this country is mostly an exercise in giving election gyaan. Luckily, poll-reporting is no different from everyday weather forecast, except that election reporters are under no compulsion

The Joke State

These days, whenever my friends from other States or countries call me on my phone, the conversation usually reaches the point where they ask, ‘what the hell is happening in Tamil Nadu?’ The tone is always mocking. This is even from friends who happen to live in Kolkata. I mean Kolkata is in West Bengal, right? Having been ruled by the Commies for several colourless decades, strange that they feel

Centre mulls anticipatory ban law

* A forward-thinking, proactive legal measure to help curb the menace of ‘offending films’ even before they are made New Delhi, Nov 23: Finally some good seems to have emerged out of the fracas over Padmavati, a film so odious with offensive content that many people are able to outrage even without having seen it. Padmavati has been banned by a few States (Rajasthan, MP, UP) on the grounds that

Madurakaran Jigaruthandam!

Rosogolla has, literally literally, become very difficult on the mouth. We mean it is no longer rosogolla but officially ‘Banglar Rasogolla’. It’s all because of the GI tag that has been conferred on it. Some of you may wonder why this new name for rosogalla, what is this GI tag, why is there a government department to handle such stuff and, most importantly, did they submit rosogollas in triplicate to

When official scorer slipped into coma

◊ India-Sri Lanka encounters have the record for the most bizarre records Chennai, Nov 16: The India – Sri Lanka cricket series… oh no! don’t sleep now itself. An India-Sri Lanka cricket series is supposed to have begun somewhere today, or at least that is what we are told. For all we know, it might be an ongoing series between the two teams that people are noticing only now. There