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Soundu party!

‘Gnnnnnnnnn Hrrrrrrrrrr, Jklfgdhhutor Teqzxvbnm, Gfropss,’ he said. ‘Snnnnnnnn Mgggggggg Kyyyyyy on Bgiofrtsl,’ I replied enthusiastically. The conversation continued in this vein for the better part of two hours last night, where neither of us could hear what the other was saying. Heck, I couldn’t hear what I was saying. Heck, I could not see the person in front of me. The surrounding was not just loud. It was LOUD enough

If Sasi isn’t shifted to TN prison, prison will be shifted to TN

By : Balakumar K, E-Mail : Wednesday, 22nd February 2017 She has a serious allergic condition to jails in Karnataka: Doctor Chennai, Feb 22: Some moves are already afoot to shift AIADMK general secretary V K Sasikala from the Karnataka prison because — pay close attention here — the prison is in Karnataka and not in Tamil Nadu. But if the judiciary turns out to be unreasonable and orders

And the Oscar for overreacting goes to...

By : K Balakumar, E-Mail  I will tell you as to when most parents get into panic mode: 1 Ahead of public exams of their children. 2 Most other occasions. The point is most people as parents are never really normal, or, at any rate, not really allowed to be sane by their wards. But around board exams, parents, like MLAs during trust vote in Assembly, become different beasts.

BJP stays firm

The story of the civic elections in Maharashtra whose results were declared yesterday, has been the pulverisation of the Congress which ruled the most prestigious civic body, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) until 1995, the spectacular rise of the BJP across the State without the Shiv Sena shoulder to lean on and the restricted appeal of Uddhav Thackeray, whose Sena pipped the BJP in Mumbai but failed to make inroads in

Shameful crime

The abduction of a popular Malayalam actress on Friday last in Kerala by a car-borne gang that gagged and molested her for over an hour was heinous and disturbing at many levels. That it was some what akin to some scenes in the Hindi movie ‘Pink’, where a similar kidnap and rape drama was played out, adds to the trauma and morbidity. While there is widespread outrage in fi lm

Politics of last resort

Even as acting Governor Vidyasagar Rao ponders over options to determine who he would call to form the next government in the wake of a virtual split in AIADMK or whether he would order a floor test to ascertain which of the two factions enjoys a majority, the fact that practically all the party legislators were whisked away to a resort about 80 km from Chennai is being viewed with