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Best bowling strategy: Start the innings from 2nd over

* Emerging trends in IPL 2018: Pak sneaks in one of its players Chennai, Apr 19: Even with just 10 days into the IPL 2018, we have already seen plenty of excitement, especially over the drama surrounding Chennai Super Kings with its home matches now being shifted to Pune, which probably made Harbhajan Singh to wonder whether he had to now start tweeting in Marathi. Interestingly, early this year, the

Cauvery: Fretting finale

The one thing that unites us Tamilians, irrespective of our caste, creed, colour is that these days we always seem to be in: protest mode. Right now, TN is a playground of multifarious protests. AIADMK is protesting in Parliament over the non-setting up of the Cauvery Management Board. The DMK is protesting against the AIADMK because it (DMK) feels that it (AIADMK) is not protesting enough on the Cauvery issue.

Strategic timeout for snakes

* When all roads lead to MAC stadium and to police pickets Chennai, Apr 11: There was as much drama (if not more) outside the M A Chidambaram Stadium as much as there was inside it when Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders squared up against each other in a, what sports reporters as mandated by Press Council rules have to describe as, high-voltage clash yesterday. Our reporter, who

When fake news was the saviour

The biggest news break this week is that the government is planning to levy a special technology cess on all those who have WhatsApp on their mobile phones. As you can see, the biggest news break this week actually is: Fake News. Fake news is getting very rampant and is even sneaking into respectable and dependable news sources like Crank’s Corner (motto: ‘Our news is unique because we just make

The tale of two teams on comeback

* CSK looks battle ready for Kaala shooting * RRs have plenty of pluses, but also Stuart Binny Chennai, Apr 5: There is a lot of excitement in the air with just a few days to go for arguably the biggest cricketing spectacle in the world, which is of course to say that during the IPL there is no cricketing world outside India. This year’s edition of the IPL has

April Cool

If and when the Cauvery Management Board is constituted, one of the questions that the Board may have to tackle is: What is the quantum of water that will have to be released for agriculture in Chennai? “Agriculture in Chennai? Surely you intended to say agriculture in Thanjavur, right?” I can hear you exclaim. Just chill, I meant Chennai only, and I know what I am speaking about, it is