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Chennai NGO Vriksham adopts panchayat school

Chennai: Chennai Vriksham, a non-profit women’s association based out of Anna Nagar in the city, has silently been making positive changes in the community with various philanthropic activities. Vriksham president Anandhi Manimaran said, ‘”We are a group of 51 ambitious women from different walks of life working together for the benefit of society. Our motto is to assist the unassisted.”’ Since Anandhi and a few members of Vriksam are teachers,

Theni forest fire: First responder's tale

Chennai: In light of the recent tragedy where 11 trekkers died caught in a forest fire that engulfed the Kurangani area of Theni district, a police officer who was one of the first responders in the rescue mission recalls heart melting scenes that he witnessed: “I was among the 250 police personnel from Theni and Erode who were involved in the rescue operations. The fire started at around 2.30 pm

Octagenarian to represent India at Intl athletic meet

Chennai: Agile, nimble and swift are not words you usually associate with an 80-plus person, but one has to see Nambiseshan in action to believe what we are talking about. This 84-year-old athlete from Anna Nagar in the city recently won top honours at the 39th National Masters Athletics Championship 2018 and has been selected to represent India at the World Masters Athletic Meet in Spain in September. Talking about

Dance your fat away

Chennai: Fitness training used to be a boring activity with people sweating it out for hours together in gyms. But in the last decade, a new trend of dance-based exercise, called Zumba, revolutionised fitness training around the world making it more fun and involving for everyone. In India, the Zumba revolution was pioneered by the hot and effervescent Sucheta Pal, India’s first Zumba Global Brand Ambassador and an official master

When statue became status message

Chennai: The posts on social media from BJP national secretary H Raja’s official Twitter and Facebook account about ‘Periyar’ E V Ramasamy stirred up an hornets nest in Tamilnadu. Almost all political parties in Tamilnadu which were formed as a by-product of the Dravidar Kazhagam and have Periyar’s ideologies as their base united and opposed Raja. This prompted even the BJP to distance itself from him making a public statement

Review: Keni - Water world

Chennai: Water sharing between states in the south has been a bone of contention for decades, often triggering emotions, heated debates and even violence. Director, MA Nishad’s Keni takes on this subject through its own micro premise. In this movie, the centre of controversy is a well on a piece of land owned by Indira (Jayaprada). Half of Indira’s land is in Puliyanmalai, a village affected by man-made drought in