A noodles bar where you make your own dish

Wai Wai City has opened its outlet in Velacheri. A kiosk has been inaugurated at Highway Food Street on 100 Feet Road. The noodle bar offers an array of noodle dishes cooked with oriental flavour.

Their unique concept is ‘make your own noodles’. This allows customers to choose from the various options available in the live kitchen.

First you choose from the four types of noodles: Classic, Chopsuey, Roasted and Pan Fried. Then pick your sauce: soy garlic, Kung Pao, masala fusion, hot garlic, pepper soya, spicy Teriyaki, Schezwan chilli.

Add what you want from the 18 vegetables on offer. Heap liberally from the 10 different toppings and five add-ons. Now you can tuck into the dish that is prepared right in front of our eyes.

Apart from this, the noodle bar also has a pre-set menu with signature selection such as Bang Bang, that comes with spicy Schezwan chilli sauce and Kung Pao delight – served with pan fried noodles and Kung Pao sauce.

The meal starts with appetisers. A samosa-type, the chilli cheese wontons have bits of noodles and minced vegetables. It is served with spicy sauce. The chicken momosa has minced meat with vegetables and is served with mayonnaise.

The spicy BBQ crispy chicken is a runaway-hit. The flavour sweet and sour makes you go for more. The zucchini masala fries are for those who like to experiment with food.

A member of the cucumber family, zucchinis are cut into wedges, dipped in batter and deep fried. The main course are the signature dishes or make-your-own noodles.

Flush it all down with their signature coolers such as spicy mango and nimbu masala soda.

Once you are done with all this, order the honey crispies and ice cream dessert. This is a unique combination of crispy fried batter laced with honey and served with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination is a super-duper hit.

A meal for two would approximately cost about Rs 500. The place is open from 11 am onwards.


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