Khadi is now the lastest trend for many

Chennai: It is said that agriculture is the backbone of our nation. Similarly handloom to holds a unique place as it provides employment opportunities for many. We just celebrated International Handloom Day, and we at News Today explored how khadi has now become a fashion statement in the current trend.

H Kennedy, fashion designer, speaks about the trend in khadi wear. He says,”Many youngsters have started preferring khadi due to its comfort and light weight. It also has its own special place in the fashion industry. As a designer, I am happy that we are reviving our country’s natural fabrics back.”


While talking about how all youngster can update themselves in khadi fashion, he says, a well-matched Kurta with leggings/jean and a high pony with a simple watch and sandals gives you an absolute professional look.
Give it a slight tom boy looking by opting for a khadi shirt with a suitable jean. Girls who have short hair or a western
bob can opt for this style.
No style can match an Indian version of combination khadi shirt and a dhoti. This gives an absolute manly look and will be loved by all.
It is not only about clothing when it comes to khadi. One can opt for bags, wallets etc. These matched correctly and
add up to styling your warbrobe.
Ganga, a khadi shop owner says, “We sell khadi and are proud that we generate more employment by promoting it. We have a good number of regular customers. Many college-goers are opting for it. We are also planning to bring in more products made of this fabric as they have huge response among users.”
Priyankha, a college student who is a regular traveller says, “I prefer this fabric because of the comfort. Even as a traveller, I think this one is very comfortable and feels light. This comes out at a decent price and I suggest people to opt for shops selling khadi. One can also explore more designs and colours. You smell and feel the human touch, the beauty and brilliance of the craft that only hands can bring.”

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