Vandi: A movie inspired by Bicycle Thieves

Chennai: Inspired by the acclaimed Italian film Bicycle thieves is Viddharth starrer Vandi. Produced by Hasheer and directed by Rajeesh Nala, the movie speaks about a man and his love for his two-wheeler.

The film also stars Sriram Karthik, Kishore Kumar, Chandi, John Viojay, Arul Doss among others. Cinematography is by Rakesh Narayanan and music by Suraj J Kuroop.

Speaking about the film, the director, says, “We have seen Bicycle Thieves which follows the story of a poor father searching in post-World War II Rome for his stolen bicycle. My film Vandi is about a youngster and his passion for his motorcycle. After he buys the vehicle, his life changes. He gets prosperous. Sadly, one fine day, he loses his vehicle and his life changes. He goes in search for it.”

Since the two wheeler plays  a key role in the film, we chose to name it as Vandi, he added.


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