Styling tips for brides-to-be to get the awe look

Chennai: Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Right from the make-up to the dress to the hair do, everything needs to be perfect. So what is the trick to get it right. Mithra, city’s bridal make-up artist opens up on some of the do and don’ts in hair styling. for the bride to be.

She says, “There is a general misconception that hairstyle are meant only for long hairs and short hairs to be flown free. Hairstyle changes from time to time, so it is not possible for a common woman to follow the same trend every time. But an appropriate haircut that suits the face will enhance the look. Now-a-days even brides want trendy hair do rather than following classic hair buns or free hair.”

Let’s take a look on hairstyles that suit long, short, curly, thin and medium hair kind.

Short hair
For people with short hair, they have more chance to explore with hair styles and looks. They can opt for western outfits with a bob hairstyle. If you have straight hair then definitely you could opt for bob or graduated bob to give a stunning look.

Curly hair
Some people have naturally curls and they get bored of trying the same hair-do. In that case, they can put all their hair together and plug them with a nice hair clip which is in trend that adds more to it. They can also very well go for one-sided pony tail which gives an attractive look.

Long hair
Long hair is the trend now. Many girls have started loving long hairs and one can try various hairstyles with it. Giving a wavy look, a top bun, a puff and a bun, half up and half down will give a cooler look to those who possess long hair.

Thin hair
9 in 10 women face hair fall and do not try different styles. Not to worry, there are certain hairstyles that can make up to this hair loss. A loosely left top bun gives a thick-hair kind look and curling the hair also is a good idea for these people. However, the one-sided pony tail is the one that never goes off season and everyone could opt for it easily.


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