Review: Gemini Ganesanum…-Love and love only

After a slew of serious roles, Atharvaa takes the commercial route with the rom-com Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum. Directed by Odam Ilavarsau, it is more like a spoof of yesteryear hit Autograph. The director has borrowed the crux and laced it up with commercial elements and ended it with a message. In short, it is about a youngster falling for four girls in different stages of life. He sets out to invite them for his wedding. What happens then forms the crux.
Produced by Amma Creations, the movie stars Atharvaa, Soori, Regina Cassandra, Aishwarya Rajesh, Pranitha, Aaditi Pohankar, Nan Kadavul Rajendran, T Siva and Mayilsamy among others. Music is by D Imman and cinematography by Sree Saravanan.
The movie begins with a tribute to yesteryear actors Gemini Ganesan and Suruli Rajan. Atharvaa’s (Gemini) in the movie is a youngster who loves to romance girls. It often lands his parents in trouble. He comes to Madurai to invite his ex-lovers and takes the help of a petty thief Suruli Rajan (Soori). His narrates his past stories that shock Suruli. Gemini loves to love girls but hates marriage. The likes of Lavanya (Regina), Priya (Pranitha), Devi (Aditi) who fell in love with Gemini, are eventually invited by him for his wedding with Pooja (Aishwarya Rajesh).
Atharvaa plays a cool dude. He does his best to evoke laughter in the company of Soori. They are joined by Nan Kadavul Rajendran. At times, they go loud Among the girls, Regina gets more opportunity. Sadly, the heroines are shown more an object of lust. Siva plays a fun-loving dad, while Mayilsamy does a good show.
Imman’s peppy music and Sree Saravanan’s camera are the movie’s highlights.Gemini Ganesanum Surlirajanum has a wafer-thin storyline. There are funny one-liners that manage some fun.


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