Industry in process of getting drivers out of cars


In the 1980s, the world suddenly decided that humans make too many errors and computers are better in calculating, storing and saving data because every once in a while, people somehow ate the papers off. Soon, every office, institution and store replaced human brains with green chips that would make a mistake only once in a 100,000 million times.

Nearly every single field has taken it into their minds that human beings, who invented those computers, are dumber than the machines. This is termed as development. The result is, every single person reaches for his/her calculator when asked what is the total of 56+46.

The only industry that was holding off the ‘machinisation’ was car industry. Aircraft makers lopped up when they could have a computer on board that will steer the flight once it is in the air, employing pilots for nothing more than taking off and landing flights. They called it as moving to safer times. It is understandable, because pilots can only keep staring at the empty sky for a period of time.

But cars are not like that. The very existence of the car even today revolves around the fact that it can give happy sensation to people who drive and travel in them. It is a journey, an experience. People who have owned cars when our cities were not clogged up for 24 hours a day know what it is to drive a car and feel free.

However, inevitably, the ‘human beings make error’ bug has infected car makers as well. Some like Tesla have taken it very seriously that they firmly believe that every time young Billy Bob goes for a drive, he is going to kill a 100 people along with a 1,000 polar bears (because of emissions).

Thus, nowadays cars are fitted with adaptive cruise control, active steer assist, active body control, lane assist, automated braking, automatic parking, etc. Cars can literally drive themselves around. This is partly to do with the NCAP boofins who test the cars for safety and come up with new regulations that are firmly stated on removing the driver out of the driving experience.

Supercars are no exception here. What was once a car that had raw power for a human with big hairy chests now comes with start-stop function, brake assist, cylinder shut-off and many others I do not even bother to mention.

You see, unlike jumbo airliners, cars are not going to be driven for millions of miles at one go. They need to stop for fuel – for the car or the driver. Yes, I will agree that many lives are lost because of cars that are not safe and because of reckless drivers who are looking for a gateway to hell.

Removing the driver out of the car will mean that we will not see anymore Ayrton Senna or Nicki Lauda. We will just have cars that will take us from one place to another, possibly fuelling up themselves and even visiting the service centres themselves. Manufacturers are also coming up with apps though which you can order cars like pizzas, and they will drive up to your house themselves.

But weirdly, it is not technology that is limiting car-makers from making automated cars, it is the laws. To make this happen, all the governments around the world should take humans off the roads. That, in a hugely democratic world is tough. But with the governments wanting to make an impact in their short-term rule, they might do it.

If you ask me, I would say, cars that drive themselves are already present, they are called taxis.


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