Coffee: Slurp to get better flavour

Chennai: Coffee, cafe, Cappuccino whatever you call it, is the hot beverage that brings joy and calmness to people across the city who like it.

It is the most loved drink for people in the Southern part of our country. News Today went into the training center of Lavazza in city, a premium coffee brand that is trying to make way into home segment.

Head trainer of Lavazza coffee training centre, Abdul Shahid Khan gets candid about different flavours of coffee beans and coffees.

Lavazza has been blending different types of coffee for quite a long time. It has been more than 120-years since Luigi Lavazza, invented the blending concept, found the art of combining different coffee varieties and origins at his grocery shop in Turin.

That stands now as the character that distinguishes all of Lavazza products from others. Now, a global leader, Lavazza is also one of the prominent premium players in India.” said Abdul Shahid Khan, who added, “Our country is more towards Espresso. We have so far invented new coffee blends by combining different country bean. Luigi Lavazza came with the idea of mixing and roasting beans from different country.”

“As of now we have nine different blends in India. Some are very important beans. We get the green beans then we roast and blend them here at the centre. The result is different products. We blend Arabica and Robusta. Some of the coffee beans are local and some are international products. That is how we get new blends, taste and everything. But in International it has to be 100 per cent Arabica,” he added.

So how do you tel the difference between three different Espresso – Oro Aroma, a 100 per cent Arabica, Tierra from Brazil and a blend of Arabica and Robusta?

“For an Espresso you need eight gram of coffee powder. The machine we have provides them with particular pressure bringing in the best coffee. The coffee from the machine will be ready in 18-26 seconds. It should fall like hot honey. If it is kept over 30 seconds, the output will have a burnt flavour,” explained Abdul Shahid Khan.

When asked which blend goes together, Abdul Shahid Khan said that this is more of a trail and error.

“Expertise matters a lot and before every launch we do cupping. We understand the bean and we do it,” he added.

“The Arabica and Robusta is much darker. While tasting a coffee you should consider important things such as aroma, flavour, mouthfulness and after taste. To taste a coffee one must slurp it, so that you get the exact flavour,” he said.

“Robusta has more caffeine and gives you more coffee flavour. It has acidity and sweetness and in India we prefer Robusta, as it goes well along with milk.”

While in Tierra, the bean is slightly darker roast. The output is a bitter coffee and has be to drunk without milk and sugar. The Cappuccino and Latte are was much better. The main difference between these two is – Cappuccino had a thick layer of foam and Latte had a thinner foam which can be managed however we want. Iced-coffee shakerato is their version of cold coffee. However, the drink is full of yumminess.

“Generally we use alcohol, either rum or vodka. In training centre we do not,” he concludes.

But, whatever the taste was, Lavazza is more towards experimenting new variety in coffee bringing in the best out it.


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