Here is a list of must visit places for Chennaiites

Chennai: Chennai, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, has a charm of its own. But, for many, it is where home and office are located. So, it becomes imperative to get out of the city to relax body and mind. In order to re-generate the power lost during a tiring week, one must explore.

“But where to?” is the question that everybody asks.

Interestingly, there are a number of places around Chennai that can be visited for short trips and they can help rejuvenate your mind and body.


The first place that everyone must visit is the Pulicat Lake – a small seashore town located in Tiruvallur district. This small township’s beauty is that it divides Sriharikota from the Bay of Bengal.

There are many places here to visit like the Dutch cemetery, fort and churches. Ramesh, an IT professional, says, “We, as a family, visit the place at least once in two months. The best thing is the flamingo festival that is celebrated here during December-January.” That is the time thousands of birds visit here every year.


Other than exploring new places, people may also be interested in archaeological stuff. If you are that kind of person, the right place for you is the very old temples of Kanchipuram district.

“The most popular temples here are the Kamakshi temple, Ekambareswarar temple and Kailasanathar temple; but I would always prefer to visit temples that are very old but not visited by many,” says Sankaran, a retired tourist department official.

There are hundreds of temples here that were built ages ago. One can even visit these temples going alone, document them or write a blog about them to add more interest to your travel.


The one place that youngsters are really fond of is undoubtedly Puducherry. This also serves as the best family destination. The family would love visiting places like Annai Ashram and churches built by French settlers. Youngsters can also visit Sadhana forest, being run by French expats, and know more about the vegan community better. More than that, the spa treatments done here are the best ever.


If you are searching for places with the combination of a lake, dam, fort and more, the best place you can opt for is Nellore. A walk here is an extraordinary way to discover a city as vibrant as Chennai.


If you want a rush of adrenaline, try the adventurous bike rides in the magical hill station of Yelagiri, in the Vellore district.”Never mind the count: whenever we get some money all we do is fill up our bikes with fuel and ride through the hills of Yelagiri,” say Krishna and his group of friends enthusiastically. Many places like the Jalagambarai falls and Swami Malai add charm to the place.


If you have very less time and you really want to go out, the best place for you is located near Kalpakkam. With a number of historical forts, Sadras serves as an undiscovered place near Chennai.

IGCAR (Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research) is also located near here at Kalpakkam.


One of the very relaxing and peaceful places, Chandragiri is located near Tirupati where you can enjoy visiting the Raja Mahal palace and nearby lakes. Pleasant boat rides are offered on the lakes and big lawns make for a perfect family outing. So, do not forget to add Chandragiri to the ‘must-visit’ list in your diary.


The villages of Tharangambadi are the places that are not noticed by many travellers. The villages here are affectionately called ‘villages of the dancing waves’ by tourists.


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