From trench coat to twisted sarees

Fashion is not just limited to celebrities or models, it is global. Television,  newspapers,  Internet  and all other means of communication has exposed  people  to  the  ever-changing fashion trends. This  article will discuss about the latest fashion for women.

Shirt dresses

A shirt dress is said to be a summer collection which will be the coolest collection  ever. These shirts were in trend a few years ago and has now made a comeback. It has now become a class.

Trench coat

This extremely stylish wear has been very surprisingly  fashionable  and  a  well-accepted trend since last summer.
This is always wanted because of it slouchy and light weight nature. Although this gives a fashionable essence, the full completion is brought out  with  wearing  with  a  knot  inside or a belt.

Long vests

These  are  said  to  be  the  most  played design by designers for seasons.  They  are  perfect  for  the  pre-fall season. The special thing about these  vest  are  that  they  have  a  slimming  effect  on  body,  especially when they are left unbuttoned.

Trucker jackets

Whenever you feel incomplete about your wardrobe, the trucker jackets are the one  that  you  can  opt  for. There is n particular season for this outfit.

Twisted saree

These  days  saree  with a twist  always  makes  others  to  look forward your style of dressing. The  best thing about these kinds of wear is whatever you go with, either change into funky or ethnic.
Whenever you feel too lazy or if you are  running  out  of  your  time,  just  throw yourself into a belt or a fancy apron.  But be careful with the furs and midi skirts which does not go well with the ethic outfit so well.


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