Painless surgery for arthritis patients

Dr S Arumugam, orthopedic surgeon at Barathiraja Hospital with two patients in Chennai on Thursday, who underwent surgery for arthritis problem.

Chennai: A team of doctors led by Dr S Arumugam, orthopedic surgeon at Barathiraja Hospital introduced a new procedure for the treatment of arthritis-related ailments in knee for patients.

“It is a unique procedure that involves giving the patient nerve blocks. Pain is carried from the surgical site to the brain by free nerve endings. With these nerve blocks, the pain carrying nerves are totally blocked thereby eliminating the pain sensation in the patient completely. This procedure also completely eliminates the use of a tourniquet, a device that stops the blood flow to the limb during surgery as it causes thigh pain and swelling of the limb after surgery,” said a release.

Addressing mediapersons about the procedure, Dr Arumugam said, “Now- a-days, arthritis has become a common problem. The main concern of the patient is pain after surgery. But this treatment provides recovery without any unbearable pain. Also, if it is detected early, it can be treated by medications and lifestyle changes.”

“The duration of hospital stay is less in the new technique. Additionally, in this procedure, a patient need not have to face the painful problem of removal of stitches or staples. A physiotherapist helps the patient to build the specific group of muscles that help in early mobilisation with a lot of ease.”

Lakshmi, one of the patient, said, “I had arthritis problem for 10 years. After the treatment with Dr Arumugam in January, I feel better now. At the age of 68, I am able to walk even for a long distance and do my routine activities independently.”

Another patient Rathi, sister of veteran actor Radha Ravi, said, “For past five years, I suffered with arthritis problem. I toured many countries to get treatment. But, after the surgery done by Dr Arumugam, I am able to walk easily and there was no pain during and after surgery.”


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